Talking about the relationship between WAP website and search engine

traditional web site, it was said that 60% of the traffic comes from Baidu, then there are 30% from Google, for WAP, Google is also the future trend. Personally, Baidu’s WAP web site isn’t doing very well (PS, I like Baidu, too).

can try to search the SEO this term, a lot of articles, experience, skills, experience, what is more, but with WAP, is a little cold, on the WAP website SEO article, very rare, why, because the real search engine optimization, on the WAP website very little. Why, because it is not necessary.

is mainly on the WAP web site, search engine included the number of pages is not enough, WAP too few resources? Or current technology problems, I want to have it, indeed WAP original resources are scarce, most games and software compared with original resources, novels, articles, is also the source of in web, of course, they also tend to direct capture of web, no matter wap. Technical terms, that SEO knows that the page search engine on HTML pure static comparison of love, no love is too long for URL to crawl the page, change the homepage frequently the site does not love, unfortunately, WAP dynamic web page is not available, WAP website main part, three types of content: Friends of the chain, advertising. This is the WAP advertising, advertising and web are very different, mostly is the result of ads, but are temporary advertising, not long time stability, flow rate, small and medium-sized site basically does not rely on search engines, pay more attention to the flow of cooperation, a chain with a special link, rather than exchange domain name address, content words, because they do not rely on search engines, of course, content updates are becoming lazy down by these points, the characteristics of the WAP page: "changing", easy to replace advertising, friends of the chain Tim removed, the WAP will be more convenient for dynamic pages. Just search engines do not love, but also can generate WML WAP website, XHTML WAP ", but the lack of the support of JS, the replacement of a chain or advertising the station pages are generated once again, this is not realistic.

content may also be related, in this industry, search engines rely on a little bit more, site type, basically software and game station.

Some people say that

can use the pseudo static, it is also a bottleneck problem, WAP PV was higher than that of web in Web site, ask why, many reasons, which also belongs to the China flow characteristics, come and go, the same user may be in a circle around a circle, back to a place. The WAP site of a 10000 flow is very good in senior webmaster (Ps: refers to the X station, X station in WAP, but not many good contacts) much, sometimes one day can get tens of thousands, but are PV. (Ps: friendship tips, are doing web’s friends, do not read me, these words have flocked to WAP, w>

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