By mop alliance excuse arrears Commission, please enter complaints ReportSmall Adsense profitable id

notes: 940 yuan less, but I get online in April; many people earn more than I do, why I also write? Because I want the IP within 1000, even 5000IP also earn 1000 dollars a person look! And my 940 yuan to clean, absolutely not rely on any bad way to get


by mop alliance excuse arrears Commission, please enter complaints report


concluded: we do not know how to do GG, I 500IP PV2500 only $5 a month, I do not think any head, so now I have only the king "website chart refused to hang a horse" the picture, but also let me stand in peace. Do website must think of making money, you do not want to make money yourself, how can you still earn money?. But to make money, use my head. I think the best way is to do business and sell. No matter what you sell, you can make money only if the product is sold, and this money must be compared to your advertising alliance, and you must try to connect with your traditional business

"in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, we must set up a complaint mailbox, if you have violated your legitimate rights and interests of the events in the work, can report complaints to the labor supervision departments.
      please indicate in the complaint by name or the name, address and telephone number of informants with facts as well as informants in violation of labor laws and regulations and rules; and I hope you fill in a true and detailed information content. To facilitate our handling of the case."

600: I have done an advertisement website before, last month sold at 500IP PV2500 PR=2, a few months only more than 400 dollars, while the input domain name, space, and network cost and time and energy is much higher. This month, I thought for a long time, and finally decided to make a bigger site. I admit that the smaller the industry, the easier it is to do, just like I did on my last website. But because it is too small, the market is too small, and there is no clear profit model, so the result is too small station, traffic is small, the sale of money of course less. It took 2 weeks, and I made an advertising network. This collection of information is much richer, but since I only have 100M space, I can’t add any more space when I collect 2000 articles. My site put up, sh419 included, and then wait for the IP up. Only after 4 days, as if, IP was less than 100, there is a person plus my , find me to write the soft text.
social supervision
you enter this page, report the mop alliance to misjudge their cheating, is the fact that the Commission on.

text: no one else said, I only introduced my money through what means to earn?.

then come back again, because in January K68 wrote in a 4 article got 640 bucks, so this time I’m in a special website do I write the advertisement column, and advertising on the site to write soft article". Originally just hanging up, holding the attitude of trying, I did not expect such a quick business. And then quickly said yes, I wrote him a text, I think it can be fixed; can not even. 2 days, I wrote an article out, that is this "my Internet wind and rain pioneering Road, share with you today", they looked after feel very satisfied, so immediately hit 600 yuan to me, write 2 out. In this way, a week later, my soft text after delivery, they feel very satisfied, 600 yuan to earn this,

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