Entrepreneurs, do not want to use the nternet thinking to transform the adult goods industryEntrepr

on a Sunday afternoon in 2014 before the Spring Festival, micro warm sunny, a male clerk lonely to stand in Sanlitun SOHO C B1 store for customers in the long wait, a group of young men and women laughing opened the shop, in less than 1 minutes, they took 4 pictures in this shop, then laughing away, do not have to buy any product, a few hours later, here to empty.

the second gate of entrepreneurship – deny yourself

do you recognize yourself? Don’t worry about it. You know what you want? Do you know what it means to do poineering work? You know throughout the process you have to pay for what? You ready to meet all the unknown difficulties to? Ask yourself these questions, is not every one of you can give yourself a satisfactory answer, if not, then you don’t really see myself. Before you start a business, you need to understand why you want to start a business, what you want to do, who you want to start and how to start a business, and that’s how you see yourself.


is the name of the store called "Powerful Sex shop", is the most successful brand marketing China Adult supplies store, founder of Zhang Mengning Ma Jiajia has become the topic of 90 business figures, the bold way of marketing and business philosophy is the media push Chong, she also began as a representative of "Internet thinking" the frequently appeared in various conference related lectures in micro-blog PPT, the WeChat platform to be forwarded numerous times and share.

competition in the modern society, for an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial venture process into the track is also a growth process from the beginning, and in the whole process are actually tend to have a lot of time is not the cause of no way to development or management difficulties, but the entrepreneurs themselves. The problem, that is to say you have a problem in the process of growing up. So what does the entrepreneur’s growth process include,

everyone has his own shortcomings, and there is no doubt about that. For example, I don’t love to talk, poor communication, not management, patience is not good, poor self-control and so on, and an entrepreneur wants to succeed must go one by one to break through these shortcomings, because in the course of business, you will have to face the situation and difficulties of all kinds, in order to survive and you have to show your best, you are a person of entrepreneurial growth so breakthrough.

the first door of entrepreneurship – recognize yourself

science and technology media has been widely understood, the other one is located in Gaobeidian prosperous street reported Powerful Sex shop experience store already closed fire without giving, the store opened in mid 2013, in October of that year, easy to shop and 58 city has been the transfer of stores of information, but it was not until at present there is no store disk access, Ma Jiajia also refused to respond to interview related problems of Tencent of science and technology, said that their team is not only the business model.

the last door of entrepreneurship – stick to yourself

pioneering fourth doors – break through

when most people see the word, may not understand, or even a person will feel very funny, why deny yourself? We all love to get praise and appreciation of others, can certainly get and prove their value will make people have a sense of achievement in others. On the contrary, we are very reluctant to accept criticism and denial, even though some are right. To deny yourself is to take the initiative to admit your mistakes. It is a kind of courage and a breakthrough.

According to Tencent

entrepreneurship third doors – change yourself

Powerful Sex shop clerk told Tencent technology revealed that the store business is the best time in the weekend evening from 8 to 10, but this weekend night may be an exception, not many customers. A young man who worked in the store for tens of meters outside Subway claimed that the store wasn’t crowded because there was no Chinese sign, he had mistakenly thought it was a tide shop.

of course, depression Adult supplies store and not just Powerful Sex shop, in a street from Sanlitun Soho across the Pacific exchange near the street shops, an orange adult Adult supplies store is not from the day Xixirongrong people share many customers, until after nightfall only a few guests to patronize.

when you can do the first four, you are already excellent

is able to recognize himself and deny himself, and if he wants to make greater progress, he must change himself. We Chinese proverb called: it is easy to change, can. A person wants to change is a difficult thing, change requires a strong ability and perseverance, change, need to get rid of the past, to develop a new habit. This step is a turning point for an entrepreneur from entering the market to becoming a true entrepreneur — change is an ability, change is a habit.

is interesting, most Internet thinking of "Powerful Sex shop" online mall is still in the building process, and the electronic billboard orange adult shop door is constantly flashing his own shop. – single letter an expensive domain name.

"Ma Jiajia in marketing some of the practices very interesting, but would like to rely on a few PPT to subvert the adult goods industry is not realistic, after all, they are only the lowest level of the industry chain distributors."." According to the personage inside course of study, adult goods industry, traditional offline channel, as early as 2007 and 2008 began to taste >


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