TAUK – Homunculus

first_imgLast year, L4LM featured a young up and coming instrumental band, TAUK,  that really struck a chord with us. At the time, the foursome was already on fire, blazing down a path of success that had them opening for such acts as Robert Randolph & The Family Band, moe., 311, and Teal Leaf Green. The foursome from Long Island have their own unique blend of jazz, rock, and funk that combine to deliver compositions and improvisation that is both experimental and extremely cohesive. A heavy touring schedule in 2012 had the band closing out the year on the road with Perpetual Groove and performing at the peak of their musicianship. With a new year comes new endeavors, and for TAUK that meant a commitment to hitting the studio.  The result is a brand new full length album to follow up their debut EP Pull Factors. Entitled Homunculus, the album is a perfect embodiment of the talent and infectious groove that the band has already characterized themselves by on stage.Upon digging into Homunculus, you’ll find that the initial track, Dead Signal, is anything but a reflection on its title. The listener is immediately grabbed by an upbeat groove that will have you bobbing your head and playing your knees like a drum kit. High energy riffs and complex guitar work forewarn that this album will be a showcase of the undeniable talent of guitarist Matt Jalbert. Bassist Charlie Dolan’s prowess is evident on the subsequent  track, Afro Tonic, a baseline dominant song which plays like a series of sweeping melodic breakdowns.  Here, and through the next two tracks on the album the tempo is considerably lighter. Hello Narwhal seems almost the perfect background track to a blissful sunrise after a night raging live music. The Spot has a darker almost No Quarter-esque feel to it before we are treated to outstanding Jazz piano work from A.C. Carter halfway through the track. The Chemist and Carpentino’s Rebirth are high energy, fun tracks with super catchy hooks. They also show off a bit of that experimental side I was referring to earlier. In fact, all throughout this album you can hear elements of electronic and synth influence. At certain moments, tracks can sound downright spacey. The sound is often unique and definitely original.In When In Doubt, as with most tracks on the album, drummer Isaac Teel provides outstanding drum work. Dolan and Teel’s bass lines are literally the backbone of the album.  Wrapping things up is my personal favorite offering from Homonculus. Titled In The Basement of The Alamo, the song clearly references the movie classic Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. The song has an amazing energy. It combines all the elements you find spread among the tracks that precede it. Outstanding Drum lines and guitar work with spacey keyboards make for a powerful statement.When it comes to music that is entirely instrumental, it is more of a challenge to give the audience a melody or hook they can latch onto. If  the music fails at doing so then all of the songs sound the same and might as well be playing in the elevator of your apartment building. With Homonculus, TAUK has produced something that fans will be humming in their head well after the album has stopped playing. The studio effort is just as good as the talent and musicianship we have seen from the band in the live setting.L4LM is proud to be throwing TAUK’s Album Release  Party at NYC’s Sullivan Hall on Wednesday, April 24th. Please join us and see what this band and this album is all about. You do not want to miss it!Show InfoBand/s:  TAUK (Opener to be announced)Date:      Wednesay, April 24thVenue:    Sullivan HallTickets:  This is an 18+ event.  $12adv/$15dos Get your tickets here!last_img read more

Zedd Is Upset With Fans’ “Selfish, Stupid Behavior”

first_imgIts been an entertainment filled past few days for EDM on Twitter. Diplo’s opinions on the new Daft Punk album, BT’s tweet attack on Porter Robinson, and now Zedd’s very opinionated rampage against fans exhibiting “selfish, stupid behavior”.After the release of his album Clarity exhibited a significantly lighter version of Zedds usual style, many Zedd fans criticized the producer, labeling him a sell-out and viewing the tracks as unoriginal and uninspired. Now either Zedd has been feeling the sting of these criticisms as of late or he’s gone to batt for a similarly offended musical friend, his tweets don’t make this clear, but either way he’s obviously peeved.Zedd’s opinion that fans sometimes “gotta let the artist be the artist and either accept what an artist puts out creatively or just listen to something else” makes me think this must be a reaction to statements that he’s changed his style with his new hit ‘Clarity’. Sick of feeling like his fans are trying to “own” him Zedd condemns those “fans” who share negative comments just to get a response.Maybe we should let Zedd know we still love him. He’s managed to make music that appeals to everyone, that defies the boundaries so often created by the EDM genre. Success should be respected, not met with contempt .See below:last_img read more

My Morning Jacket To Host 4 Night Event in Mexico: One Big Holiday

first_imgThe always mystical aura of My Morning Jacket may now be felt below the border in January 2014. At none other that The Hard Rock Hotel at Riviera Maya from January 26-30, the band will host all four nights of the all-inclusive One Big Holiday. Besides the unknown acts (so far), the four-night spectacle will include some fitting activities such as  daily yoga classes and off site day trips around Mexico.New York’s Bowery Presents and the promoters of Jam Cruise, Holy Ship!!!, and Mayan Holidaze  are producing this fantastic event. Public tickets will go on sale June 21, and Roll Call Members will be able to purchase pre-sale tickets before the 21st. What other perfect way to spend January than in the presence of Jim James’ hauntingly beautiful tones, guided by this decade’s most alluring rock acts?last_img read more

Want to Join Al Schnier and Vinnie Amico of moe. For A Run in Baltimore?

first_imgmoe. will bring their jam prowess to Rams Head Live with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong this Saturday night. Earlier in the day, Baltimore has its Charm City Run, a scenic run around the city. Al Schnier and Vinnie Amico, both avid runners, will be joining in the run, and have invited fans that would like to participate to meet them at the flag in Federal Hill Park at 12:15pm, prior to the race.moe. begins a solid run of Winter/Spring tour dates in New Brunswick, NJ tomorrow night. The tour will see them head up and down the East Coast, headline the Wetlands Preserves 25th Anniversary shows at The Capitol Theatre, and make their way over to Europe for a string of dates in Germany, the Netherlands, and England, before heading back stateside for shows at the Wanee Festival, JazzFest, and Summer Camp.moe. 2014 Tour DatesJanuary 24 New Brunswick, NJ—State TheatreJanuary 25 Baltimore, MD—Rams Head LiveJanuary 26 York, PA—Strand CapitolJanuary 29 Charleston, SC—Music Farm (w/Jimmy Herring and the Ringers)January 30 Charlotte, NC—The Fillmore (w/Jimmy Herring and the Ringers)January 31 Nashville, TN—Marathon Music WorksFebruary 1 Atlanta, GA—The TabernacleFebruary 4 Raleigh, NC—Lincoln TheatreFebruary 5 Wilmington, DE—The Grand Opera HouseFebruary 7 Port Chester, NY—Capitol Theatre*February 8 Port Chester, NY—Capitol Theatre^February 9 Northampton, MA – Calvin TheatreFebruary 12 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AEFebruary 13 Cleveland, OH – House of BluesFebruary 14 Syracuse, NY – F Shed at the MarketFebruary 15 Syracuse, NY – F Shed at the MarketMarch 26 Hamburg, GER—FabrikMarch 27 Amsterdam, NED—MelkwegMarch 28 Berlin, GER—QuasimodoMarch 29 Plauen, GER—MalzhausMarch 30 Munich, GER—Backstage HalleApril 3 Cologne Bresciano, ITA—Cineteatro ParrocchialeApril 4 Winterbach, GER—LehenbachhalleApril 5 Lorsch, GER—Kulturhaus RexApril 6 Bonn, GER—HarmonieApril 8 London, ENG—The GarageApril 10-12 Live Oak, FL—Wanee FestivalApril 25 New Orleans, LA – The Civic TheatreApril 26 New Orleans, LA – The Civic TheatreMay 23-25 Chillicothe, IL—Summer Camp Festival(*) Wetland’s Preserve 25th Anniversary Show w/ Jimmy Herring and The Ringers, Chris Barron, Scott Murawski, Reid Genauer and more TBA(^) Wetland’s Preserve 25th Anniversary Show John Medeski, Dave Masucci (The Authority), Aaron Maxwell, Fuzz and Jen Durkin (Deep Banana Blackout) and more TBA[via Jambands]last_img read more

Arcade Fire at Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, CT

first_imgWinn Butler dead ringers, doppelgangers, and duplicates…Mariachi banditos next to a glitter masked cougar…Overweight and underdating Cinderellas…Pimple-headed adolescents, sweating behind homemade Phantom masks…Propeller-headed gonzos in jester hats 4 months early for the Gathering of the Vibes…A Philippine koala and a molester in a track suit (oh wait, that was the openers, Kid Koala and Dan Deacon)…These were among the many freaks and geeks who dressed up for the Arcade Fire show at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT on a windy Tuesday night on March 18th. While talk of the costumes and pageantry of the attendees (and the drama it created online) dominated a lot of the reviews of the first leg of the Reflektor Tour, gimmicks and stunts couldn’t take away from a powerful and career-defining performance from what could be the biggest (literally, there were at least 15 musicians on stage at one time!) and most influential indie band of the 2000s.The show opened to a well-orchestrated curtain drop as the eponymous lead single from the double-album Reflektor, a shoe-in for several Grammys next year, filled the arena and forced even the slickest of hipsters to shuffle their feet. The band followed up on the energy of the audience and immediately went into the skank and shuffle of “Flashbulb Eyes,” which helped to establish the Rara polish much of their previous songs from other albums would receive.For those who have the album and notice the obvious tonal differences in Arcade Fire’s new sound, Rara is a form of festival music usually played during Easter Week in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Régine Chassagne’s (frontwoman and wife of Winn Butler) beloved Haiti, the country that her parents emigrated from before she was born. Before any recording of the new album, Butler and Chassagne visited Haiti and sort of felt a musical rebirth occur within them, and influenced much of the album’s music and lyrics. Another song played by the band that has obvious influences of a Carnival street parade is “Here Comes the Nighttime,” a song that features cultural accents like guiros, afro-influenced drumming, and an easy to chant chorus. The band was able to create a parade-like feel, shooting streamers, spilling confetti, and splashing lights during the performance.Now that Arcade Fire has four commercially successful albums, deciding when and what to play where, and what not to play, comes at a Catch 22. Arcade Fire, an extremely fan-friendly band, is aware of the need to juggle new songs, old hits, and fan favorites. The band organized their albums into four different screen backdrops as the cast rotated different instruments. At any moment, band members Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, and Sarah Neufield would play musical chairs, so to speak, quickly dropping and picking up instruments not normally designated to them. Reflektor was the cohesive glue, and songs from Funeral, Neon Bible, and The Suburbs quickly adhered and adapted to the sticky core.One of the more undissembled performances of the night was “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out),” which features some of the heavy guitars recorded on an Arcade Fire album. The set also featured sober moments, from the low-posture of loss innocence found in “The Suburbs,” to an appeal from Butler to raise money to support the construction of a nursing college in Haiti which was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. But just like their songs, which cover a range of emotional extremes, the performance also attempted to find balance between the frantic and peaceful, the light and dark, or the loud and soft. Performed songs like “Ready to Start,” which features a very aggressive bass line and lyrics about a quarterlife crisis, pairs surprisingly well with the lush and dreamy rhythms and lyrics of “Haiti.” The latter of which at first seem like a baroque ode to her parent’s homeland, but later realizes that the lyrics are ardently haunting and contentious: Rien na’rrete nos espirits/Guns can’t kill what soldiers can’t see. Despite whatever musical genre the song is influenced by, the lyrics find a spirit within the human condition that is often at odds with a world filled with violence and ugliness. This perhaps is their best hand: they are unassumingly combative and assailing on a world filled with hypocrisy and hostility.That is not to say that the entire night was filled with austerity. Winn Butler is actually quite a comedian, in his own right, influenced by the likes of Andy Kaufman, who doesn’t mind if the audience is in on the joke or not. For example, when the Reflektor Tour kicked off late last year in Brooklyn, the band allowed the audience to think that the performance would be in the front of the house, when theatrically, the band snuck out and played the back of the house, rewarding those who stumbled in late. The show in Bridgeport was not without its own set of pranks, one being, the use of an A and B stage (one front, one rear) within the arena, an ode to the previous Brooklyn stage high jinks. During the song “It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)”, Régine rose through the stage and performed the song with a dancing skeleton; later, Butler, Jeremy, and Owen Pallet used the same stage for a stellar performance of the lengthy “Supersymmetry.”The encore probably best demonstrates the Arcade Fire brand of humor. The band has recently taken to touring with giant papier-mâché heads and calling themselves “The Reflektors.” This group, heads and all, emerged from the floor of the B stage and announced that they are playing a cover song from a musician from each state they have toured in. “Butler” announced that they could either play “John Mayer or Hatebreed,” two CT natives. Instantly, “You’re Body is a Wonderland” played over the PA system, as several thousand pieces of red confetti was dumped on an incredulous group of fans in the cheap seats. The real Arcade Fire then arrived on the A stage, chiding “The Reflektors” for not choosing the Hatebreed song because “John Mayer is the worst guitar player in the world.” The band then erupted into an ironic rendition of “Normal Person.”Humorous, yet unusual, indeed.Even though the majority of the themes presented on their albums deal with death and isolation, Arcade Fire is able to undercut those feelings with joy, humor, and celebration, embracing the Rara, disguising the sense of loss each song features (from innocence to the polluted world) and adopting a sense of frolic revelry in the absolutism of death, found in the music of Island cultures. Arcade Fire has always commented on the fact that Americans are quite secluded, detached, and ultimately abandoned from the rest of the world, and The Reflektor Tour attempts to include the audience, allowing them to become part of the theatrics (no matter how silly some looked) and grandiosity that rock shows have become. Certainly, through art, music, and performance, Arcade Fire believes we can attempt to overcome isolation.See videos from the concert below.“Reflektor” “Joan of Arc”“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”“Afterlife” “Normal Person”  Set List from Arcade Fire, March 18th (Webster Bank Arena)1. Reflektor2. Flashbulb Eyes3.Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)4. Rebellion (Lies)5. Joan of Arc6. The Suburbs7. Ready to Start8.Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)9. We Exist10. No Cars Go11.Haiti12. Afterlife13. It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)14. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)15. SupersymmetryENCORE16. Iko Iko (Dr. John/Dixie Cups cover)17. You’re Body is a Wonderland ( Reflektors John Mayer Cover)18. Normal Person19. Controversy (Prince Cover)20. Here Comes the Nighttime21. Wake Uplast_img read more

After Tragedy, Gregg Allman Files Lawsuit To Stop Biopic

first_imgGregg Allman, founding member, keyboardist, and vocalist of The Allman Brothers Band, is suing Unclaimed Freight Productions, in an attempt to halt all production of the biopic Midnight Rider. The biopic is based off Allman’s autobiography, My Cross To Bear, but ensued tragedy after a freight train accident on set killed a camera assistant, Sarah Jones, and injured several others.According to Rolling Stone, the lawsuit claims that Unclaimed Freight Productions lost their rights to the story by not beginning principal photography by a certain date, and by not paying the $9,000 of a sum for Allman’s story rights. Allman was initially excited about the project, but the devastating train accident caused the singer to reconsider. Even William Hurt, the actor who was initially slated to portray Allman, has withdrawn from the project.In a letter to Randall Miller, the film’s director, Allman wrote: “I am writing to you as one human being to another, and appealing to you from my heart. I am asking you from a personal perspective not to go forward. . . Your desires as a filmmaker should not outweigh your obligations as a human being. I am asking you to do the right thing and to set aside your attempts to resume the production out of respect for Sarah, her family and the loss that all of us feel so deeply.”As of now, filming for the biopic is suspended until May 12th while these legal complications are settled. Unclaimed Freight Productions has yet to comment on the situation.-David Melamed (@DMelamz)last_img read more

Listen: Trey Anastasio Band’s New Studio Track, ‘Speak To Me’

first_imgA few months ago, the Trey Anastasio Band announced that they would be releasing a new album in 2015. Along with that announcement came the release of “Bounce,” a new studio track from the band, which found its way into many of the setlists from TAB’s recent fall tour. The band debuted a number of new songs throughout the tour, including the original “Speak To Me.”“Speak To Me” is an upbeat tune, which was first played on November 29th at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA, and now, the band has released the track as a single, available for streaming or free download. Listen to the tune below:last_img read more

Particle Recruits Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits for Winter Tour

first_img[cover photo courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography][story via Jambands.com] It looks like the Disco Biscuits drummer Allen Aucoin has been confirmed to take over duties behind the kit for Particle for the group’s entire Winter tour, which runs from January 9th through February 6th. Aucoin will team up with Steve Molitz, Clay Parnell, and Ben Combe for what is sure to be an explosive live show. No reason has been given as to why current drummer Brandon Draper will not be touring with the group, but during their post-Phish late-night shows, Particle was joined by Dopapod drummer Scotty Zwang and guitarist Rob Compa, who both sat-in during the two-night run.The tour kicks off this Friday at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and will meander throughout the country, ending the tour out in San Francisco, CA at the Great American Music Hall on Feb. 6th.Particle 2015 Winter Tour DatesJanuary 9 Cambridge, MA—The SinclairJanuary 10 Burlington, VT—Higher GroundJanuary 11 Syracuse, NY—Westcott TheaterJanuary 13 Pittsburgh, PA—Rex TheaterJanuary 14 Columbus, OH—Woodlands TavernJanuary 15 Newport, KY—The Southgate House RevivalJanuary 16 Chicago, IL—1st WardJanuary 17 Minneapolis, MN—The CaboozeJanuary 18 Fargo, ND—The AquariumJanuary 20 Sioux Falls, SD—Icon Event Hall & LoungeJanuary 21 Des Moines, IA—Wooly’sJanuary 23 Lincoln, NE—Bourbon TheatreJanuary 24 Denver, CO—Bluebird TheaterJanuary 25 Boulder, CO—Fox TheatreJanuary 27 Salt Lake City, UT—The State RoomJanuary 29 Portland, OR—Aladdin TheatreJanuary 30 Eugene, OR—WOW HallJanuary 31 Seattle, WA—Tractor TavernFebruary 3 Arcata, CA—Humboldt BrewsFebruary 5 Sacramento, CA—Harlow’s Night ClubFebruary 6 San Francisco, CA—Great American Music Halllast_img read more

L4LM Exclusive: Stream ‘Percy Thrills, the Moondog’ Off Turkuaz’s New Album

first_imgWhile Turkuaz gears up for a forthcoming fall tour presented by Live for Live Music, the 9-piece funk army prepares to release their forthcoming album, Digitonium, out on Friday, October 2nd. In the meantime, we have a sneak peak via a new single off the album, “Percy Thrills, the Moondog.”“The idea for ‘Percy Thrills, the Moondog’ was born out of a live improv set we once did, and was later fleshed out and turned into a real song in the studio while making this album,  Digitonium” says lead singer David Brandwein. “It’s a fun and upbeat tune with lots of interesting sounds going on. You may even hear some dogs barking (not real ones, though). Lyrically, the song sits nicely in the middle of this record, which is our first foray into the world of concept albums. The concept may come and go occasionally (stopping miles short of a funk opera), but it does see it’s way through both musically and lyrically in a way we’re all really happy with. See if you can pick some of it up once you hear the whole record. But for now, enjoy an afternoon with Percy.”Digitonium is now available for pre-order through iTunes. Anyone who pre-orders will receive an instant download of new tune, “The Generator.” Digitonium will be released on Friday, Oct. 2nd.Turkuaz Fall Tour:last_img read more

Turkuaz Takes A Funk Odyssey On Their New Album, ‘Digitonium’

first_imgChanneling some of the defining elements of ’80s dance music and the new wave phenomenon that dominated the era a la Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads, Brooklyn-based pop-rock and funk nonet Turkuaz are releasing an impressive new LP this October 2nd called Digitonium. The group’s second national LP release showcases the band’s deep playbook and versatility within the genre, dialing back the clock for a classic sounding funk record.Not as “in your face” as 2014’s Future 86, the 24-track effort is a concept album at its core, hitting on themes of empowerment and self-actualization using imagery from the allegory of Plato’s cave and repeated phrases throughout the record, ultimately exploring a dystopian technological future with various characters based off the classic myth of Avalon. This album is really clever that way. There’s more than enough on this album to please any casual listener or the hardcore fan who wants to delve into the intellectual curiosities of Digitonium.The album kicks off with the aptly titled “Introduction,” which relies on the pulsating synth groove and funk licks courtesy of Craig Brodhead and Dave Brandwein that make you think of Lakeside’s “Fantastic Voyage” or something out of the Parliament canon. Like much of the Turkuaz catalog, the songs off of Digitonium pay homage to their funk and disco forefathers like Sly & The Family Stone and Bohannon, yet remain fresh and vibrant, helping to spur on an exciting new era of funk.Listen To ‘Give It To Me Baby’ From Dopapod and Turkuaz’s Studio 54 Set At Catskill ChillAnd while there are plenty of funk tracks to please the late-night raging crews like the two part passage “Nightswimming”, “Percy Thrills The Moondog”, “Doktor Jazz”, “Lika” and the ferocious groove of “The Generator”, one of the most intriguing things about Digitonium is the album’s liquid like progression. Throughout the record there are several instrumental selections that leave it up to the listener’s imagination to where they want to be transported to. It’s lovely. It moves much like a score to a movie. See “The Cup Runneth Over”, “Fish Out Of Water”, “Back To Reality”, “Overture”, “Love Hurts”, “Bird Of Prey”, and “Calm Before The Storm”. One can only hope Turkuaz incorporates these compositions into their live shows.Also of note on Digitonium is the prevalence of female vocalists Sammi Garett and Shira Elias. The duo shines through on the record and illuminate some of the softer nodes of the album alongside the funk-steady rhythm section of bassist Taylor Shell, drummer Michelangelo Carubba and Turkuaz’s energetic horn section comprised of Chris Brouwers, Greg Sanderson, Josh Schwartz. Watch Turkuaz Cover The Beatles On Their Fall Tour OpenerThe notion of the whole being more than the sum of its parts has never been more true than when it comes to Turkuaz. The nine-piece army of musicians have produced a memorable odyssey in Digitonium that leads the listener though all kinds of sonic portals of funk that can’t be denied, only boogied down to. Don’t miss Turkuaz on their Fall Tour, including a big stop at the Ardmore Music Hall just outside of Philadelphia, PA this Friday! Tickets are available here.Live For Live Music Presents: The Digitonium Fall Tour09/29 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl**+09/30 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl*+10/01 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club*10/02 – Ardmore, PA – Ardmore Music Hall* 10/08 – Phoenix, AZ – Last Exit Live 10/09 – Joshua Tree, CA – Joshua Tree Festival10/10 – Flagstaff, AZ – Orpheum Theatre10/11 – Albuquerque, NM – Marble Brewery10/16 – Fort Collins, CO – Aggie [email protected]/17 – Denver, CO – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom***10/20 – Missoula, MT – Stage 112 10/21 – Moscow, ID – John’s Alley Tavern***10/22 – Boise, ID – The Reef***10/24 – Placerville, CA – Hangtown Halloween Ball 10/25 – Placerville, CA – Hangtown Halloween Ball10/28 – Bend, OR – Domino Room***10/29 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern***10/30 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom***10/31 – Eugene, OR – HiFi Music Hall***11/04 – Fort Worth, TX – The Live Oak Music Hall 11/05 – Austin, TX – Spider House Ballroom11/06 – Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafe11/07 – New Orleans, LA – The Parish at H.O.B. 11/10 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco 11/11 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5 11/12 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House&11/13 – Jacksonville Beach, FL – Freebird Live&11/14 – Boca Raton, FL – Funky Biscuit&11/15 – Tampa, FL – Crowbar Live& 11/18 – Charlotte, NC – The Rabbit Hole& 11/19 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House& 11/20 – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry 11/21 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage* with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band** with Polyrhythmics*** with The Quick & Easy [email protected] with Chali 2na and The Funk Hunters& with The Fritz+ with PitchBlak Brass Bandlast_img read more