Gophers take on Iowa, try and bounce back from rough stretch

first_imgGophers take on Iowa, try and bounce back from rough stretch Tyler RushmeyerApril 11, 2007Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintThe Minnesota men’s tennis team appeared to hit a wall both physically and mentally in its last three conference matches.Quickly dropping from a top-25 spot and losing its undefeated conference record in the form of three straight defeats, the Gophers headed into their bye weekend on a downslide.With that weekend now in the rearview mirror, No. 36 Minnesota (12-6 overall, 2-3 Big Ten) welcomes unranked Iowa (7-8 0-5) to the Baseline Tennis Center this afternoon for its first match in nearly 10 days.Junior Raoul Schwark, ranked No. 73 in the nation at singles and the winner of three straight matches in combined play, said the off weekend could play a big role in the team’s success for the remainder of the regular season conference schedule.“I think we really got our energy back, and we’re motivated again,” he said. “We should be coming out real strong against Iowa.”During the team’s three-match slide before the break, the losses, all against top-40 opponents, were decisive, with Minnesota bowing to opponents in a 17-4 combined deficit.Senior Andres Osorio, who spent the spring season at No. 1 and 2 singles, said the team needs to come out of the break raring to go.“We need to just forget about what happened before the break,” he said. “The goal is to destroy Iowa and get ready for a tough weekend.”If the team is to pick up its first conference victory in over two weeks, it will need help from the bottom half of its singles lineup.The bottom three have gone 1-9 over the course of the last three matches and now finds themselves without senior Brian Lipinski, out for the season with an ankle injury. Coach Geoff Young said the team’s success has been hindered by a small portion of its dual meet lineup.“There were really just a couple of guys whose confidence wasn’t there, and I think they had a good week of practice,” he said. “If we can get everyone clicking, I think we’ll be fine.”The Iowa match will be the first step of a challenging three-match week for the team, with each opponent appearing to be tougher than the last.After battling Iowa this afternoon, the Gophers will continue their final home stand of the season taking on No. 63 Northwestern on Friday and following it with No. 45 Wisconsin on Sunday.Young said he likes how the schedule is set up and the opportunity it affords his team to gain momentum for the upcoming Big Ten Championship looming just over two weeks away.“Each match brings stronger competition to the table,” he said. “It will no doubt be a challenge, but I think we’re ready for it.”But before looking ahead to the weekend, Minnesota will attempt to take care of business against a weaker opponent.Schwark said the goal is not simply just to win.“Our goal should be 7-0 for sure,” he said. “We need to get back on track in a big way.”last_img read more

‘It’s offer time’ becoming a frequent phrase heard by Clinton’s Akers

first_imgBy some measures, receiving a scholarship offer from a football program that owns multiple national championships is the high point for a prospect.It was certainly special for Clinton athlete Cam Akers, who was offered by Alabama on Monday.Fortunately, this is likely just the beginning for the state’s top-ranked sophomore.“(Alabama) got in touch with my parents first because they’re not able to contact me (directly) yet,” Akers said. “My dad said ‘it’s offer time’ and told me to call them.“For them to offer me, it’s big. Right now they’re one of the top three schools in college football, period. When you get an offer from them, it turns heads.”An Alabama offer provided a boost to Akers’ recruitment, but the 2017 athlete needed little help from any program to turn heads last season. The 6-foot, 205-pounder racked up 2,693 yards of total offense, passed for 20 touchdowns and ran in 17 of his own.Colleges took notice and the four-star prospect added offers from Georgia Tech, Tennessee and Vanderbilt to a list that already included Mississippi State and Ole Miss.This spring, the athlete continued to impress at camps throughout the southeast, and earned MVP honors at Rivals’ Dallas camp.“I just had to go put on for Mississippi,” he said. “With my performance (at the Rivals camp), I just had a feeling I was going to win. My route running, my catching, drill work was really strong.”Akers lined up as a wide receiver and running back in one-on-one drills. Going up against players older than him wasn’t intimidating.They were battles he expected to win.“The hardest guy I went up against, I know he committed to (play in) the Under Armour All-American Game. I made him look crazy,” he said. “Some other guy is a cornerback who just committed to Tennessee. I also made him look crazy.“I don’t care how old you are or what grade you’re in. If you get in front of me, I’m going to give you a run for your money.”Akers did just that routinely during his sophomore season, leading Clinton to a 10-win finish in 2014. Given where he might wind up on a Friday night – at quarterback, running back, slot receiver, or safety – the same question is often asked.Where will he play in college?“Pretty much all my schools want me at running back,” he said. “Georgia Tech runs the triple option and wants me at quarterback. Louisville hasn’t offered me yet but wants me at slot receiver or strong safety. That shocked me because I don’t have a lot of film out there of me at that position. I think Mississippi State may try to see what I can do at (strong safety), too.”A natural running back, Akers excels at making plays in a system that allows him the freedom to improvise and dominate opponents with his athletic edge.With roughly two years left in his recruitment, there are several offers Akers hopes to garner by the end of this summer – LSU, Florida State, Georgia and TCU included.Receiving attention early in the process from some of the top programs in college football serves to prepare the athlete for what he could face during his junior and senior year.Akers hopes his dad will have the chance to say ‘it’s offer time” more frequently.last_img read more

Wrigley Field 100 Years logo finalists

first_img 2,209 Share on other sites CDixonDesign Sports Logos Link to post Link to post 1,589 posts Share on other sites Favourite Logos:North Stars 6,671 posts Share on other sites 767 logo Wrigley Field 100 Years logo finalists Favourite Logos:Pensacola Blue Wahoos Primary rmackman 2 3 all of these lack urine Page 1 of 3   Posted September 20, 2013 2,209 4,212 CS85 767 CubsFanBudMan the admiral Link to post Location:Denver, Colo. Is it 100 years or 100 seasons. If my math is right, both are not the same. BTW, I like 3 the bestI know that the years/seasons thing is off in alot of sports, but can it be for baseball? I mean each season there is no carry over to the next year. The season starts in 1914 and it ends in 1914, so wouldn’t that match up? I have zero clue I’m just thinking here. Recommended Posts Share this post FGM13 Posted September 20, 2013 100 years of bad Share on other sites GeauxColonels Share this post Link to post zinman11121 9,904 482 1 Posted September 21, 2013 Link to post Share this post JPDesign Members Share on other sites CubsFanBudMan 399 Next GriffinM6 175 Members Members 7,233 posts 210 (formerly, briefly CherryMX) 10,968 posts Share this post Share this post Link to post Share on other sites McCall Share this post Share on other sites Members the admiral Share this post The stadium rendering definitely looks the best on 1. I wanna like 2 if your were to put 1’s stadium on it, but the Tuscan font and warped lettering just kinda throws it off. 3 looks ok, but the use of Agency is no better than using Tuscan on 2. Of the choices, 1 is hands down the best. Members Share this post 1 Shumway Share this post Share this post the admiral 159 posts the admiral I apologize for any decorum 26,193 Members 1,264 Sign in to follow this   Posted September 20, 2013 0 GeauxColonels Location:Atlanta Members Posted September 20, 2013 767 15,496 posts wrigley field 210 1,3,2,4 IMO PhlyBoy Members 399 818 I’ll take either number 1 or none of the above.I second this motion. 1,204 Location:Downingtown, PA 4,212 Posted September 21, 2013 Members Share on other sites Wrigley Field 100 Years logo finalists 6 1,2,4,3 Posted September 21, 2013 Link to post I’m back! Members 2,209 Member No. 14 U of Florida ’03 (Telecomm) – FAU ’08/’14 (MBA/MHA) Favourite Logos:Anything with a mascot in a sweater or anthropomorphic foods. Posted September 20, 2013 3,1,2,4 in that orderI’ve got it the same way. #3 is just great. Members Share this post MEANS Share on other sites Members 700 1,712 posts Members THE CCSLC Nicholls St Colonels Fan Location:West Coast Followers 1 31,105 posts Favourite Logos:I like a lot of the logos from the early 90s. My signature is proof of that (and a representation of my favorite teams). Favourite Logos:New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Voodoo, Nicholls State Colonels 9,904 Link to post 0 Prev jstraper 482 818 0 Peachy 5,241 posts Link to post 0 lahaye7 7 0 Page 1 of 3   MEANS Sports Logo News 428 posts Link to post 0 McCall 482 Posted September 20, 2013 FGM13 26,193 Members zinman11121 all of these lack urineI’ll piss in your mouth. Location:Missouri Posted September 21, 2013center_img 7 Share this post 1,264 Link to post 135 Favourite Logos:Toronto Blue JaysHamilton Tiger-CatsBoston BruinsFlying ElvisNew Milwaukee Bucks Weagle CDixonDesign Location:Champaign, IL 2 Location:Charlotte, NC Link to post 31,030 posts 9,904 26,193 0 Posted September 20, 2013 Members chicago cubs 175 135 phutmasterflex 0 3,1,2,4 in that order SportsLogos.Net Cujo 4,212 Posted September 21, 2013 290 All Activity I’d go #3, but add some ivy to it somewhere. The tuscan font on #2 is too Red Sox-ish. #1 and #4 are okay, but they aren’t my favorite. 0 26,193 Posted September 21, 2013 399 Link to post Formerly & Currently McCall Share on other sites 1,204 Share this post phutmasterflex 6 700 1 818 Share this post 1,005 6 57,915 posts Location:Born in Palo Alto, CA – left immediately for Milwaukee, WI – then Ft. Lauderdale, FL – then Atlanta, GA – back to FL again – then Chicago, IL, now West Palm Beach, FL….it’s a long story…. Followers 1 1,204 0 Members jstraper Forums Home Forums Home Link to post Sports Logos CS85 0 Link to post 1. Hands down. Share on other sites Link to post Share on other sites No ivy anywhere on these? Is the green one supposed to represent ivy? If so, I like that one. 290 1,954 posts 290 Share this post Favourite Logos:Logos designed: Toronto Maple Leafs / WCOH Canada / WCOH Team North America Share this post 2 Favourite Logos:North Stars I’ll take either number 1 or none of the above. Next 0 Share on other sites Cujo Four finalists revealed yesterday:More submissions. I feel like number 3 copied another stadium logo out there. It just seemed so familiar when I saw it. Anyway, #1 is just freaking sexy. It definitely deserves to win. edit: Why was this not a finalist? Members 7 Link to post Posted September 20, 2013 1 1342 26,193 0 Share on other sites Share on other sites Posted September 21, 2013 Share this post Location:The Canadian Prairies I apologize for any decorum GriffinM6 Members 57,915 posts Go To Topic Listing 175 Sports Logo News 0 700 I apologize for any decorum Share on other sites 26,193 Favourite Logos:North Stars 0 1,264 Location:Luling, LA 16,708 posts 9,471 posts Posted September 21, 2013 57,915 posts Share this post 0 Share on other sites 26,193 Link to post Posted September 20, 2013 Prev PhlyBoy Share on other sites Shumway Posted September 21, 2013 the admiral JPDesign ¿City of Champions? Only the first one isn’t crap on a stick. What is that terrible second one? When in recent memory have the Cubs used Tuscan lettering? Use your head!100 in Roman numerals is “C.” Surely there’s some way to implement this… Share on other sites 1,005 rmackman 4,424 posts 3,104 posts Share on other sites Share this post This would have worked if Wrigley’s centennial were in 1998.I like this as artwork, but it’s impossible to reproduce at most sizes.This should be the best one. Simple and to the point. No wasted verbiage or graphic flourishes. The only problem that I can think of is the “lol, weeeeed” factor.all your baseball are belong to us Posted September 21, 2013 I would be surprised if it’s anything other than the first one. It looks like most of their in-house stuff. (And is on a different background than the other three. /conspiracy) Sign in to follow this   5,835 posts Posted September 21, 2013 Link to post 1,005 lahaye7 the admiral Is it 100 years or 100 seasons. If my math is right, both are not the same. BTW, I like 3 the best Link to post 135 Members 3 Members 0 This topic is now closed to further replies. sᴘᴏʀᴛsʙᴀʟʟ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛᴇʀ By CS85, September 20, 2013 in Sports Logo News Share this post All Activity SportsLogos.Net 26,193 26,193 210 Wrigley Field 100 Years logo finalistslast_img read more