Cameron pushes for ‘best of both worlds’ in EU talks

first_imgDAVOS, Switzerland — David Cameron sold his EU renegotiation plan to the global elite Thursday as an “enormous prize,” saying he had a democratic mandate to deliver reform in Europe.The British prime minister, who eschewed notes as he addressed the World Economic Forum, fleshed out his view of the U.K. as a second-tier member of the EU. Cameron said he wanted the “best of both worlds” out of EU membership; “In the single market, but not in the single currency. Benefiting from free movement around the Continent, but maintaining our own borders.”This, Cameron said, is necessary because Britons have never accepted the idea of “ever closer union,” rather “Europe is about independent nation states coming together … not a political union.” He added “there are quite strong security arguments too. When you’ve got Russia … destabilizing Europe, and the death cult of Daesh [also known as ISIL and ISIS] … there is a strength and safety in numbers.”Cameron was careful not paint himself into a corner in case the deal or the vote do not work out as he planned, but he did say that a U.K. inside the EU can achieve “trade deals as fast and more significant than we could ever deliver on our own.”However, he insisted: “You’re never going to hear me say Britain couldn’t succeed outside of the European Union. We are the fifth biggest economy in the world.” Also On POLITICO Cameron in Czech talks on migration ‘brake’ By Paul Dallison Securing a level playing field between eurozone and non-eurozone countries was a central theme of the prime minister’s speech. “We need an organization that is flexible enough that you can be a success if you are in the euro and a success if you are not, and fair rules between the two.” It would be “completely unacceptable to use the money of a non-eurozone state to fix a eurozone problem.”Cameron said landing a deal on curbing access to benefits for EU migrants was “the most difficult of all” his demands but assured WEF delegates that his concerns were only about numbers, not the backgrounds of migrants.Referendum timelineSpeaking about the negotiating progress and the timeline in the coming months, Cameron said he is pushing for a deal in February: “I want to confront this issue, and go out to campaign to keep Britain in a reformed EU. If there is a good deal on the table, I want to take it.”A good deal means “we need to have action on all of the four areas I identified.” He added: “I am a practical person, I don’t go into a negotiation asking for eight things in order to settle for four.”Cameron sent a warning to diplomats that if he doesn’t get a “good deal” at an EU leaders’ summit in February, he would continue pressing for the deal he wants. “If there isn’t a good deal, I’m not in a hurry. I can hold my referendum anytime up until the end of 2017.”Challenged by Roland Rudd of the PR firm Finsbury — whose sister Amber is Cameron’s energy minister — to explain what the EU does well, the prime minister said: “When you sit in the European Council you can have frustrations and arguments, but you never forget that this is a group of countries that used to fight each other and kill each other.”last_img read more

Mortgage repossession claims on the rise

first_imgThe number of mortgage repossession claims is creeping up again after a lengthy period of stability, new figures show.In April to June 2017, claims for possession increased by 17% on the same period in 2016 to 5,186.That is still well short of the peak during the financial crisis from April to June 2009, when claims reached 26,419 over the three-month period.The Ministry of Justice, which has published the figures, said the fall in mortgage possession actions in recent years coincided with lower interest rates, a proactive approach from lenders in managing consumers in financial difficulties, and other interventions such as the Mortgage Rescue Scheme. The downward trend has also mirrored the fall in the proportion of owner-occupiers.But an increase has been detected over the last year, with the Outer London region driving the trend with the largest percentage rise in both claims and mortgage repossession orders.It is almost nine years since the pre-action protocol for possession claims based on mortgage arrears came into force. Major lenders agreed with the government not to start mortgage possession proceedings in relation to residential properties unless the borrower had accrued three months’ arrears.The protocol was amended in April 2015 to discourage lenders from issuing possession claims without first checking whether there was an authorised tenant in occupation of the property.Meanwhile, landlord possession claims, required to evict tenants, fell 6% over the period to 32,077 – following a trend evident since 2014.Most landlord possession claims (59%) were social landlord claims, with 25% of them accounted for by accelerated possession claims where landlords took the quicker route to eviction. The remainder were private landlord claims.Mortgage possession claim rates were highest in Blaenau Gwent and Barrow-in-Furness, with 55 and 52 per 100,000 households respectively. Landlord possession claim rates were most concentrated in London, with the Borough of Newham (382 per 100,000 households) having the highest rate.last_img read more

Perusahaan Asal London Perkenalkan Bangku Kelas Ekonomi Baru, Tapi Masih Nihil…,Sejumlah Fakta dari Proses Emergency di Pesawat Terbang

first_imgSelain itu, satu titik yang kerap menjadi bahan perdebatan adalah sandaran tangan. Melalui bangku Interspace ini, para penumpang bisa menikmati ukuran sandaran tangan yang lebih besar ketimbang yang ada di bangku kelas ekonomi dewasa ini. Tumpukan busa empuk yang menyelimuti bangku Interspace ini akan menunjang waktu beristirahat Anda di udara.Begitu pula halnya dengan In-Flight Entertainment (IFE), dimana Anda akan mendapati sebuah layar modern yang siap menghibur Anda sepanjang perjalanan.“Jika Anda tertidur, maka layar hiburan ini akan mati secara otomatis. Fitur ini hadir berkat adanya sensor yang kami pasang,” tutur salah satu juru bicara dari New Territory.Baca Juga: Biar Nyaman di Penerbangan Kelas Ekonomi Jarak Jauh, Baca Ini!Hadirnya bangku kelas ekonomi modern ini diharapkan akan meningkatkan kenyamanan para penumpang, seiring dengan meningkatnya permintaan penerbangan dewasa ini. Kendati cukup menjanjikan untuk meningkatkan kenyamanan penumpang, namun menurut laporan dari perusahaan awal Desember kemarin, mereka belum menerima pesanan dari pihak maskapai yang tertarik untuk menggunakan bangku ini.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedDalam Penerbangan, Pilih Kelas Ekonomi Premium Atau Ekonomi Biasa?23/08/2018In “Darat”Inovasi “Standing Seat,” Pacu Pendapatan Maskapai, Gadaikan Kenyamanan Penumpang07/10/2019In “Featured”Inilah Dampak Jika Anda Pindah Bangku dari Economy Class ke Business Class Secara Ilegal!13/11/2018In “Featured” Sumber: Penerbangan di kelas ekonomi bisa dibilang merupakan perjalanan yang cukup murah, namun harus dibayar dengan fasilitas ‘seadanya’. Ya, harga tiket yang berada di bawah business class dan first class menjadi daya tarik utama di penerbangan kelas ekonomi – namun harga miring tersebut harus rela ditukar dengan kondisi tempat duduk yang sempit serta pelayanan yang serba standar. Ini sudah menjadi topik hangat perbincangan yang cukup lama di kalangan eksekutif, dimana mereka tidak ingin menggadaikan kenyamanan penumpang yang terbang di kelas ekonomi. Beruntung, perusahaan asal London, New Territory siap mengakhiri masa ‘galau’ para eksekutif tersebut.Baca Juga: Dalam Penerbangan, Pilih Kelas Ekonomi Premium Atau Ekonomi Biasa?Sebagaimana yang dilansir dari laman (6/12), perusahaan ini merilis bangku Interspace – sebuah bangku inovatif yang dipercaya dapat meningkatkan kenyamanan para penumpang yang duduk di kelas ekonomi. Tidak seperti bangku ‘tegak lurus’ yang selama ini ada di kelas ekonomi, bangku Interspace rilisan New Territory ini mengedepankan konsep privasi, dimana penumpang bisa mengembangkan flap yang ada di bagian tepi untuk menciptakan ruang privasinya sendiri.Sumber: thepointsguy.comlast_img read more