NC State Extension, 4-H students grow learning garden at SCC’s Swain Center

first_imgIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That motto has been adopted by the Swain County 4-H students who have started a learning garden at Southwestern Community College’s Swain Center.“This learning garden is a way for our 4-H kids to get excited about watching things grow,” said Jenny Hill, NC State extension agent, 4-H youth development at SCC’s Swain Center. “If it doesn’t get very big or if it doesn’t grow, we want the kids to know it is okay, we will try again in a different spot or just learn from it and try a different plant.”The 4-H students, who range in age from kindergarten to fifth grade, have all pitched in and learned about the different types of plants and how to collect soil samples.These students were able to see their garden start as tiny seedlings and grow into green, leafy plants that are located right in front of the Swain Center for everyone who visits the campus to admire.Hill also plans to have the 4-H students grow a fall garden with the focus being on replenished soil.The wire sculpture that sits in the middle of the garden has also generated some buzz around campus.SCC art student Jasmine Spencer of Bryson City made a wire bumblebee sculpture for the garden as one of her class projects during the spring semester.“This was definitely one of the more interesting projects that I have worked on and I loved it,” said Spencer. “I had not had an opportunity to work with metal before and my instructor Brian Kane really helped me when I was drawing the shape out in chalk on the ground and bending the wires. This is why I want to be an artist, so people can enjoy my artwork.”This project has given the Swain Center the opportunity to combine agriculture and arts.The NC State Extension helps create prosperity for North Carolina through programs and partnerships focused on agriculture and food, health and nutrition, and 4-H youth development.“Collaborative projects with our community partners give our students opportunities to utilize a variety of skills, turning classroom lessons into real-life applications,” said Jeff Marley, SCC’sheritage arts department chair. “In an area in which 20 percent or more of the workforce is in creative employment, this is valuable experience for students planning to have a career in studio art.”For more information about SCC and the programs it offers, visit, call 828.339.4000, or stop by your nearest SCC location.last_img read more

Data Security Breaches and Hacks Are Making a Lasting Impact on Retailers

first_imgFrom data security breaches at The Home Depot, TJX, and Target to the hack of over a million images on SnapChat, to the famous, or infamous, cheating website Ashley Madison—almost every industry has been targeted for information theft, from retail and insurance to entertainment and government. Everyone is a target, and there appears to be no end in the foreseeable future.It would be logical to assume that since technology continues to evolve, data security would also evolve, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Massive data breaches and security hacks continue to dominate the news, and this negative publicity has been scaring customers away from e-commerce in all its related forms.The fine folks at Retail Perceptions have recently published a detailed survey that revealed some interesting consumer behavior.- Sponsor – The Spread of Data Security Breaches:64% of shoppers have accepted data security breaches to be part of the shopping process and 53% say that data security breaches are a risk they’re willing to take in exchange for convenience43% of shoppers don’t trust companies to keep their personal information safe. Of these, 30% don’t think companies invest in enough security measures85% of shoppers are aware of companies that have had a security breach where customers’ personal financial information was exposedChanges in Spending Habits Due to Data Security Breaches:39% spend less per shopping trip than before69% try to use cash instead of credit or debit cards60% shop online with one specific card designated to online purchases so that they can monitor its activityChip Card Technology:62% of shoppers have used credit and/or debit cards with chip technology to make purchases, and of these 71% say that using credit card with chip technology makes them feel more secure when shopping60% prefer to use a card enabled with chip technology over any other method of payment26% say that they do not like using a credit card with chip technology because it takes too longShoppers Say That Retailers Could Rebuild Trust By:80% Being honest about the incident73% Communicating with shoppers and responding to questions72% Taking financial accountability for their mistake69% Investing in additional preventative security measures6% Firing their CEO6% Firing the head of the IT department(You gotta love the 6% of people who want to hold someone accountable!) Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more