Idling at M&CC

first_imgDear Editor,It would seem as though the Mayor of Georgetown has had an epiphany whilst on her most recent junket overseas. Since returning, she has discovered the performance and work ethics of the City Engineer’s and City Treasurer’s departments to be unacceptable.She has said it was high time that some officers from those departments go home, because they were at work doing absolutely nothing, and are in the yard liming all day long.She also lamented the fact that despite their behaviour, the municipality has to find money to pay their hefty salaries every month.The question I would like to ask is whether she was deaf and blind for the last 22 years whilst she was a Councillor and Deputy Mayor. It is the same attitude those and other departments had all along.But what is really needed by her is to first have a look at her very own office, where persons can be seen doing nothing all day also, but instead could just be seen walking up and down on very high heeled shoes, and being on their cell phones texting, chatting and idling.Sincerely,Amber Valentinelast_img read more