The Best Valet Trays for Keeping Your Stuff Together

first_imgTry as we might, some of us just can’t keep our s*** together — literally. If your frantic, end-of-day routine involves coming home, flinging open the door, and dropping a Hansel-and-Gretel-style trail of keys, wallet, mail, phone, gum wrappers, and the like throughout the house, you need a valet tray. The best valet trays are handsome, well-made, and guaranteed to keep your everyday carry in check.Tanner Goods Valet TrayFrom wallets and leather belts to coffee mugs and daypacks, Tanner Goods has mastered the art of handcrafted basics. Clean lines, simple styling, and a clear purpose are hallmarks of every product in the company’s catalog. Tanner’s no-nonsense Valet Tray is no different. At just 5 inches square, the minimalist leather tray is just big enough to hold the essentials — spare change, a key ring, maybe a cigar lighter. Brass rivets at the corners add a touch of class. $32 from Cool Material Editors’ Recommendations The Best Men’s Quilted Jackets Stitched for Every Occasion $85 from Tanner Goods Maxx&Unicorn Co. Catch-AllFor a woodsy alternative, Maxx&Unicorn Co’s Catch-All is finished in solid American walnut with maple stripes and a low-sheen varnish. It’s classic, unassuming, and handsome. The unique hexagonal design measures roughly six inches across — just large enough for your basic EDC. A notch at the rear holds a smartphone upright and ready to charge. Defy Snappy Valet TrayTravelers who need a portable valet solution will appreciate Defy Bags’ Snappy. As the name implies, the Horween leather valet tray folds flat to fit neatly in a carry-on, while button snaps at the corners hold it together when you need it. The unique “Defy Clutter” branding at the bottom is a reminder to keep your mess in check. $63 from Gallantry Courant Catch:3For the modern gentleman who prefers an all-in-one EDC station, Courant’s Catch:3 will keep your shit together and wirelessly charge your smartphone. The left third of the tray houses a three-coil fast wireless charging pad, while the right side is large enough for a wallet, Apple Watch, key ring, and a pen. The premium pebble-grain Italian leather tray is available in five colors from off-white to blue. $42 from DSPTCH Keep Your Pants On With the Best Belts for Men center_img $38 from Stuarts London Barbour Tartan and Leather Valet TrayFrom the brand that never met a tartan it didn’t like, Barbour’s Tartan and Leather Valet Tray features a timeless design with a dose of British-inspired class. The collapsible walls are handmade from waxed leather that secures with snap enclosures at the corners. The soft, lined interior will protect your cufflinks and Rolex from scratches. Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs DOIY Design Concrete Valet TrayNothing exudes the pure Brutalist aesthetic like concrete. DOIY Design’s Concrete Valet Tray is a 12-inch-wide shard of raw, poured concrete that feels plucked from a dystopian future where leather and wood are extinct. Each of the tray’s four sections is carved with a simple icon — wallet, phone, key, loose change — to remind you what goes where. Plus, the hefty two-pound form factor is also guaranteed to stay put. Bundle Up Right Now With the Best Sweaters for Men $40 from Maxx&Unicorn Co. Base Object 004 Valet TrayIf the natural look of leather, wood, and concrete isn’t disco enough for you, the Base Object 004 from Dsptch is a distinct, attention-grabbing alternative. The straightforward rectangular design is available in this bright yellow, ensuring you’ll never have trouble finding it, even in the dark. $175 from Courant 7 Couples Costumes That Don’t Sucklast_img read more