The Best Mens Skeleton Watches — No Bones About It

first_imgRoger Dubois Excalibur SpiderIn a world of timeless pieces, there are few unobtainable for most but still enticing for all, and the Roger Dubois Excalibur Spider is most certainly that watch. Built from carbon fiber with a flying tourbillon, the Excalibur Spider is super light and claims ownership of any wrist it sits upon. It’s stamped by the Poinçon de Genève (official seal of Geneva of fine jewelry and timepieces). For purchase by appointment only, this skeleton will be nearly one of a kind in your possession. Inquire in Person Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs $129 from Dappertime Caluola Automatic Skeleton WatchEverybody needs an everyday watch that isn’t going to distract or step into another realm of the space-time continuum. The stainless steel design with an anti-scratch sapphire crystal face makes this Caluola Automatic Skeleton Watch a perfect day-to-day. It’s a no-frills watch with refined simplicity, and the exposed nuts and bolts should ensure timely arrival. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02Tag Heuer certainly boasts recognition all its own and when you offer a glimpse of the mechanics of Carrera Calibre Heuer 02, friends will be constantly asking for the time just to see the wheels turn. The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 is made of polished steel, is water-resistant up to 100 meters, and presents its black skeleton through a front and back window. Pick a short-sleeve shirt to wear with this Tag Heuer because you’re going to want to show it off. 12 Best Seiko Watches for Men, From Flashy to Functional Bulova MaquinaAs Bulova watches are “Designed to be Noticed,” the Bulova Maquina never shies away from a red carpet appearance. With a gold-coated stainless steel finish and skeleton gears accented by black dials, this is a watch begging for exposure. The Maquina’s sapphire crystal face is water-resistant up to 100 meters and reveals every tick of the tock as you move through the day. Let’s face it, if your skeleton was gold, you’d want to show off your bare bones, too. $228 from HWEStore $612 from Amazon $476 from Bulova $290 from Amazon Dappertime KuroWith big bold numbers, a black alloy finish, and gold cranks, the Dappertime Kuro should be a welcome addition to any naked wrist — or the sponsored piece for The Bold and the Beautiful. The Kuro sits a little bigger than other skeleton watches, but out in the open, the black and gold combination will surely catch the attention of those you hoped it would, and even those you didn’t. $6,150 from Tag Heuer Agelocer Automatic SkeletonEvery watch tells time but some do it with a little more shock and awe than others, as does the Agelocer Automatic Skeleton. Sure, from the time-telling components there is nothing more than a big and little hand, but the brass tacks of this timepiece make it look like it could be a Magic Eye image waiting to expose a mystifying image. The strap is leather, the case is stainless steel, and the schematics of gears are a visually fashionable maze. $925 from Walmart Fiyta Photographer WatchThe Fiyta Photographer Watch is PVD-coated, has a butterfly clasp, and plays on the motto of less is more. The subtle highlights hiding under the face are reminiscent of red-painted brake calibers on a Porsche 911, adding to the elegance of the piece. It doesn’t show the date as it’s focused on the time at hand and will withstand your diving expeditions in up to 50 meters of water. The Fiyta Photographer watch is sleek and subtle and will demand that any outfit it’s paired with match its sophisticated appearance. $517 from Culture Kings $564 from Jaztock CaluolaNot all skeletons come out on Halloween or from within your closet. There is another descendant of the bare-bones variety that can be worn right on your wrist and help you get through the day. Skeleton watches do tell time, which is important, but they do it with a refined and trimmed appearance. At their roots, skeleton watches expose all the inner workings of the watch showing all the gears that are spinning to make your watch tick. And where other watches will talk to you, this breed of skeletons will give you and all onlookers something to talk about.If you don’t see what you like, check out our guide to the best watches under $500 and under $1,000. We’ve also got picks for the best smartwatches, dive watches, field watches, tactical watches, and more.Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart WatchThe Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch offers a glimpse into time, past and future. Its mechanics are not entirely exposed like other skeleton watches, but its sleek design and “broken” face offer just enough to see the gears turn.  The Hamilton Jazzmaster is versatile and will look great with a pair of wingtips, around the office, and even next to your gym bag as you enter the racquetball court. Its stainless steel body is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The Anti-Order Non-Skeleton WatchEven the strongest of bones need protection. The Anti-Order Non-Skeleton Watch it still a skeleton in design but adds the security of a removable stainless steel spider web to protect the innards and simultaneously add style points. It has all the class of a night on the town and would be perfect with a pair of Nike SBs and a 50/50 down the handrail. 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