First prize 47seconds video of 2013 WIRED Award at Shibuya Crossing

first_imgThoughts in 47 secondsNow, I will introduce a video to you.The title is ’47seconds’ made by Tomokazu Yamada, who is the first prize filmmaker of  WIRED Creative Hack Award 2013(WIRED is a web magazine providing ideas and innovation).Anyway, please watch it first. Only 1m07s. Shibuya Crossing represents JapanShibuya Scrambled Crossing― You might have heard of that and I’m of particular interest in it.You always can see the crossing not only on Japanese TV programs but also on some foreign news shows as a representative of Japan. It seems that ‘SHIBUYA’ is a dream town for tourists and they are absorbed in panorama photo-shooting or movie taking every day.Then, why Shibuya fascinates them so seriously?As for me, what makes me absorb in Shibuya is not its fashion and trend. That is more philosophical and difficult to appreciate. It might be kind of ‘chaos’ which means people gather around the crossing without any distinction of age, sex, nationality and job; these background differences create the chaos. In addition, people who you don’t know are coming from every direction and they actually compose Shibuya as actors and actresses so I could even call the crossing a ‘Stage’.For daily users, the Shibuya Crossing is just an ordinary crossing. However, once you consider of it objectively, you would be confused.That is why you can never miss the Shibuya Crossing when you visit Tokyo! What do you think? I think what he wants to describe in this video is that we have equivalent time and we can go both ways; use it to achieve our vision efficiently like the girl or waste it.At the same time, it shows what a ‘chaos town’ Shibuya is. The video goes with the sound of violin and nobody cares the girl who in dancing on the center of the crossing. Eventually, I concluded that she is a representative who plays a role to create the stage called Shibuya crossing.People surely celebrates crazily there when world events such as world cup are held because there is some huge monitors on the buildings. As I asserted, there is an unknown aspect.Now, it’s time to cross the crossing! Remember, when you cross there, you will be an actor or actress to create Shibuya and you will realize that Shibuya is amazingly fascinating town.last_img read more

Ban emphasizes key role of UN in tackling todays challenges

The financial, flu, fuel and other emergencies cannot be solved by nations acting alone, Mr. Ban told reporters after meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. “The United Nations is the forum where we can all discuss our different agendas towards a very harmonious resolution for the common well-being and the common prosperity of the world,” he noted. “People know that the United Nations is front and centre right now in addressing all these multiple crises.” Acknowledging that it is natural for the international community to expect the world body to step up to the plate in addressing the simultaneous crises, he called for support from all 192 Member States. Mr. Ban singled out Norway – home to the UN’s first Secretary-General, Trygve Lie – for its “steadfast” contributions in the realms of climate change, development, health, human rights and peacekeeping. “Norway has been and is delivering,” the Secretary-General said. “It is among the most dynamic and generous supporters of the United Nations.” Following a working breakfast with Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, he expressed appreciation for the country’s leadership and initiatives for Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Sudan. On climate change, Mr. Ban thanked Norway for its role in UN Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (UN-REDD), which seeks to combat climate change through creating incentives to reverse the trend of deforestation. The Secretary-General will travel to Svalbard, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, to see firsthand the impact of climate change at the Polar ice rim.“I will try to deliver a clear strong message from my visit to the North Pole,” he said, underscoring that only 15 days of negotiations remain before the start of December’s climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, where countries are expected to wrap up negotiations on a new pact to go into effect when the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period ends in 2012. “Now is the time for decision-making,” Mr. Ban stressed. “We must seal a deal in Copenhagen for a global, equitable and comprehensive deal for the future of humanity and the future of Planet Earth.” While in Oslo today, he also addressed the country’s parliamentarians, calling Norway and its people a “model of enlightened engagement and true partnership.”In a speech in Austria yesterday, Mr. Ban highlighted the importance of trust – both among States and in the United Nations – in tackling a range of global crises, while calling for a renewed multilateralism that delivers results for the world’s people.“Pressed by crisis on several fronts, the world is coming to understand the need to work together as never before in a spirit of shared purpose,” Mr. Ban said at the European Forum Alpbach Political Symposium. “A renewed multilateralism that delivers real results for real people in need,” he stated, “a multilateralism where countries and regions engage with each other in a spirit of trust, cooperation and mutual reliance.” 31 August 2009The United Nations plays a critical role in addressing the current food, climate and other crises, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today in Oslo, as he stressed that Norway is one of the Organization’s strongest partners in tackling global challenges. read more

Negotiations to resume as Northern Ireland talks near deadline

first_imgTALKS BETWEEN NORTHERN Ireland’s political parties and a former US diplomat – aimed at making new arrangements on issues such as parades and flying flags – are to resume this morning.Originally due to begin at 6am, they are now set to kick off at 10am in Belfast.The talks are between former US diplomat Richard Haass and Professor Meghan O’Sullivan of Harvard University, and the leaders of five of the North’s political parties.Haass had said at the weekend that a deal must be reached today on the issues.Yesterday, the White House urged political parties to reach an agreement in the talks, with a spokesperson for the National Security Council in the US saying the discussions are at a ‘critical juncture’.Talks are due to be held for six hours today. Haass has described the differences between the parties as “difficult but not intractable” and appeared hopeful that agreement could be reached before the deadline.Earlier, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin said failure would be an ‘unforgivable option’ while the SDLP lead negotiator Alex Atwood said the talks cannot be allowed to unravel ‘at the 11th hour’.Talks were not held yesterday as the DUP do not work on a Sunday for religious reasons.Read: White House says Northern Ireland talks are at ‘critical juncture’>Read: No all-party talks today as Haass sets agreement deadline of noon, Monday >last_img read more