Windstar Announces New “Have You Ever” Campaign

first_imgSeattle, WA, April 18, 2017 —  Never have I ever heard the visceral roar of the Monaco Grand Prix from premier grandstand seats, or mingled with the “glitterati” of Monte Carlo before retiring to my yacht. Never have I ever watched a live Russian ballet performance actually in Russia. Never have I ever chased shots of ouzo with plates of mezes in Greece, paired with an epic cerulean sky. Never have I ever taken an intimate, small-ship cruise that brings me to the best, most exclusive, and off-the-beaten-path locations in all of Europe. Today, Windstar Cruises announces its new “Have You Ever” campaign focusing on a Europe 2017 summer sale, aimed at turning these “never have I evers” into “yes, I haves” with prices from $1,299 per guest. More than 20 voyages in Northern Europe, Italy, Greece, and the Mediterranean are included in the sale. Windstar simply does Europe differently than other cruise lines. In addition to the unique itineraries, the ships are so small, they actually engage in picturesque cruising along Europe’s most scenic shorelines (like the stunning Stockholm Archipelago). More time in port means more time to explore local culture and cuisines, and Windstar’s small-group shore excursions give guests a more authentic Europe experience, one that connects them in meaningful ways with the people and cultures they encounter. A sampling of Windstar European shore excursions include: • Ephesus and Private Lunch in Sirince Village (Kusadasi, Turkey) – Cruisers explore the ruined city of ancient Ephesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the glorious Celsus Library façade and Temple of Hadrian to the newly excavated “Terrace Houses”. This shore excursion is complimentary on all Treasures of the Greek Isles voyages. • Dinner at a Local Family Village Home (Dubrovnik, Croatia) – Travelers head to the fertile Konavle Valley where their gracious host and chef prepares local specialties. Available on Venetian Passageways, Quintessential Croatia, Marvels of the Croatian Coast & Greece, and Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast. • Kayak in the Finnish Archipelago (Helsinki, Finland) – Participants tour the sights of Helsinki before paddling their own sea kayak through the scenic and wildlife-rich Finnish Archipelago on Baltic Delights. • Mountains & Fjords (Alesund, Norway) – Guests climb the famous Trolls Road with its exhilarating hairpin bends, pausing to admire the incredible mountains, gorges, and waterfalls along the way on Lands of the Midnight Sun. Of course, no trip to Europe would be complete without dining like a European, and on Windstar, every effort is placed upon using fresh, local ingredients, with the cruise line recently becoming the official cruise line of the venerable James Beard Foundation. With fresh gravlax while sailing through Norwegian fjords, local cheeses in France (paired with amazing wines), osso bucco in Italy, or souvlaki in Greece, these “Have You Ever” gastronomic questions can all be answered with a resounding, “Mmmm, yes, I have” after joining Windstar in Europe. Rates for Windstar European summer sailings start at $1,299 per person, double occupancy including “Have You Ever” inspired journeys such as the following: Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras – on the voyage from Barcelona to Rome (or reverse), this glamorous sailing stops along the French and Italian Rivieras, including Port Vendres, Sanary-Sur-Mer, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Portofino, and Portoferraio. There are 12 sail dates to choose from, starting at $1,299 per person. Gaelic Explorers – traveling from Edinburgh to Dublin (or reverse), this unique Windstar itinerary heads from the hills to the highlands, with port in Isle of Man, Portrush, Tobermory (Isle of Mull), Portree, Kirkwall, and Invergordon. There are six sail dates to choose from, starting at $2,499 per person. For a full listing of “Have You Ever” Europe sale voyages, visit For additional information on small ship cruising with Windstar, contact a travel professional or Windstar Cruises by phone at 877-958-7718, or visit the Windstar Yachts:Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / YouTube / Pinterest / LinkedIn / Instagram / Blog Windstar Cruises operates a six-ship fleet of small boutique sailing and all-suite yachts visiting 170 ports throughout Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, sailing year-round in Tahiti and the South Pacific, and adding newly-announced Asia and Arabia. The boutique cruise ships are known for an intimate yacht-style experience, unique itineraries and exclusive access to the world’s best small ports and hidden harbors. Windstar’s fleet is the market leader in boutique small ship cruising with a total of 1,242 passenger berths. All ships in the fleet have recently undergone multi-million dollar transformations to embody casually elegant yacht travel. The all-suite yachts Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride serve 212 guests in all-suite accommodations; while sailing yachts Wind Spirit and Wind Star sail with up to 148 guests, and Wind Surfserves 310 guests. The yachts cruise to 59 nations worldwide. Windstar Cruises is a part of Xanterra Parks & Resorts®, known for “Legendary Hospitality with a Softer Footprint.” Xanterra’s entities also include lodges, restaurants, tours and activities in national and state parks, as well as resorts, railway and tour companies. More information: read more

Wolves Whiskey is Made By Sneaker Moguls for People Looking for Something

first_img All the New Whiskies You Need to Drink This Fall The Best New-School Kentucky Distilleries Rock stars and actors have their own alcohol labels, so why not sneaker moguls? James Bond (not that James Bond), the co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles streetwear shop Undefeated, launched a California-made whiskey with fellow sneaker king Jon Buscemi — designer, sneakerhead, and mastermind behind luxury footwear brand Buscemi. (Yes, he’s a cousin of actor Steve Buscemi.)The name they chose for their spirit? Wolves Whiskey.The minimalist bottle comes in a bare wooden box and is branded with the engraving: “The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.”Uhh, we choose the wolf. And so did tons of other whiskey and sneaker fanatics. Among 898 “First Run” bottles, the entire stock was sold out in a matter of days from two exclusive retail partners, Flaviar and $150 a bottle, that’s mildly insane.So what gives Wolves its superior bite?First Run is a blend of three distinct whiskeys. Buckle up and try to imagine this hybrid: they start with a whiskey double distilled from a craft stout beer, aged eight years in French oak casks, then add a whiskey double distilled from a pilsner, aged in new American oak for five years, and lastly a spicy rye whiskey to round out the finish.If you’re imagining an intense whiskey, you’d be right. The Manual got a first-taste of Wolves Whiskey First Run and it was strong, sharp, and true to its 106 proof. Sip this booze, friends. Sip it.For those whiskey drinkers with a palate for bourbon (sweeter with a full body thanks to the corn mash), Wolves Whiskey may not be part of your pack. The rye mash is intense. Then again, so are Bond and Buscemi. Wolves even says in an official press release, “’First Run’ is not your standard bourbon experience.”“I wanted to sip something with my people at my house that was truly different, something you couldn’t find anywhere else,” said Buscemi of his new project. “When we found the master distiller in Northern California, we knew we found what we were looking for, for our first release. He’s an artist. We brought some special Rye to the table and blended a juice that is balanced and rich.”Artistry is no overstatement. According to Wolves, their 13th-generation Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic, lived by the still for each small batch, sleeping in four-hour shifts so that no one else could touch the equipment. Karakasevic double distilled Wolves in an Alembic pot still that was imported from Cognac, France, which the brand says is one of five in the U.S.Because Wolves is distilled from craft beer, you would imagine the nose to be slightly sweet and hoppy, with a smooth finish. However, the rye power in Wolves is dominant. Much like a pair of rare Nike Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt sneakers, Wolves Whiskey is made to be collected.While you can get the Eminem X Carhartt sneakers online for about $25,000, you’re outta luck for Wolves First Run. A rep for the brand did say Bond and Buscemi are rearing for a second batch release, most likely in the fall and winter of 2019-20. What is Bourbon? A Brief History of America’s Whiskey Editors’ Recommendations The Absolute Best Rye Whiskey Brands for Under $50 The Best Wheated Bourbon Alternatives to Pappylast_img read more

The Best Whiskey for Whipping Up a Whiskey Sour

first_img Editors’ Recommendations For more than 200 years Jim Beam has been the classic bourbon, so the distillery is doing something right. Still crafted by Jim Beam’s great-grandson, the bourbon is cheap and good with caramel and light char notes, perfect for inclusion in a classic cocktail.Four Roses BourbonFour Roses is a bourbon icon. As their standard offering, this bourbon offers up pear and fresh fruit on the nose and on the palate, both of which blend perfectly with fresh citrus. At the price, too, it’s hard to beat.Old Forester 100 ProofWe continue our list with another gold standard of bourbon, Old Forester Signature 100 Proof. With a backbone that can stand up to a hurricane, the coffee, chocolate, and sweet fruit flavors of this bourbon sing in just about any classic cocktail.Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyA higher proof bourbon, Knob Creek’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a full-bodied whiskey with plenty of flavor to come through the ingredients without taking away from the layers of the drink. Fruity notes blend well with the lemon juice and, if you use it, a cherry.George Dickel Rye WhiskyA Tennessee whisky (which utilizes the Lincoln County Process of charcoal mellowing), George Dickel Rye Whisky presents both spicy and smooth characteristics, creating a layered whiskey sour.Wild Turkey Rye 101Looking to turn up the whiskey sour a notch? Grab the Wild Turkey Rye 101. Wild Turkey 101 is nearly synonymous with Wild Turkey bourbon, but Wild Turkey Rye 101 will add the rye spice character (while maintaining the proof).Bushmills Red BushFor those looking for a little more Irish in their whiskey sour, Bushmills Red Bush gives drinkers a blend of triple distilled Irish single malt and fine Irish grain whiskey aged in first-fill bourbon barrels. This leads to a medium-bodied whiskey with caramel and nutty flavors that contrast the citrus well.Crown Royal XOA blend of 50 whiskies that are then finished in cognac casks, Crown Royal XO is a smooth whiskey that expresses plenty of vanilla and dried fruit to offer a nice counterpoint to the fresh citrus and sweet flavors in the drink. The vanilla also mixes nicely with the creamy mouthfeel from the egg white.Glenfiddich Fire & CaneGlenfiddich Fire & Cane is a marriage of peated and non-peated whisky, which were both aged in bourbon casks. After the initial maturation period, the whiskies are married and finished in rum casks from a variety of South American countries for a period of three months. The sweet hints on the end of this whisky make for a lovely sour.Article originally published by Pat Evans on July 10, 2017. Last updated by Sam Slaughter on September 15, 2019 to include details of The Manual Spirit Awards 2019. The Absolute Best Rye Whiskey Brands for Under $50 The Best Whiskey Quotes of All Time When it comes to making a whiskey sour, you can go in a few different directions. If you’re feeling lazy, you can obviously go for sour mix and, well, whiskey. Easy-peasy. If you want a true whiskey sour, though, you’re going to be looking to egg whites and lemon to make up the body (and lovely foamy head) of the cocktail.Either way, the overall flavor of the drink is going to come down to one thing: what whiskey you choose. A shitty whiskey is going to produce a shitty whiskey sour. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. All of the sour mix in the world isn’t going to hide that flavor.To avoid finding yourself with a glassful of bad whiskey sour, we’ve settled on a list of the best whiskies for a whiskey sour. You’ll find your standard bourbon, but we’ve also included two rye whiskeys, a Canadian whisky, an Irish whiskey, and a Scotch whisky, should you want to branch out a little bit.Need to know how to make a whiskey sour? You can find out here.Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Small Batch Bourbon WhiskeyRiley Young/The ManualWinner of the Bourbon category in The Manual Spirit Awards 2019, this small batch bourbon from Garrison Brothers has big caramel corn and oak flavors with an undercurrent of citrus and a hint of vanilla. There is a decent amount of cinnamon and baking spice on the palate, with more vanilla and some walnut. The finish is long and lingering with toasted oak notes.Jim Beamcenter_img How to Make a Whiskey Sour How to Make a Rye Whiskey Smash 5 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Should Know How to Make last_img read more