This Living Wage Week, step up to make sure work always pays

first_imgTuesday 6 November 2018 9:24 am whatsapp Share And yet, new figures that have just been launched by the Social Metrics Commission show that almost 10 per cent of those in full-time work are still in poverty – a total of 2.8m people.There is nothing more we can ask these people to do. The problem is not with them. This is a structural flaw in our economic system, and one that is in the hands of policymakers, politicians, and employers to solve.As a society, we have a duty to ensure that everyone who takes a job and works hard to support themselves and their family is properly rewarded for doing so.There have been so many debates on this issue. Some argue that if you raise wages, you will create unemployment. I can even remember being part of a team at Number 10 where we were concerned about whether raising the minimum wage by just 50p would cause job losses. This has not happened.Others argue that the market will set wages fairly. However, that simply isn’t true when you factor in the impact of the welfare state. City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. This is an issue that is very close to my heart. I can remember, when I was a special adviser in the Department for Work and Pensions, how the cleaners left letters on the desks of ministers to raise awareness of the issue of low pay.I can remember walking into government departments to see campaigners handing out food to draw attention to the cause – always gracious, always kind, always phenomenally well-informed.As someone who has spent many years of my life focused on ensuring that it pays to work, I was delighted to hear at the Budget that the chancellor has restored the work allowances for families with children and for those who are working and disabled.But we all know that, as much heavy lifting as the state does, it can’t do it all.People want to know when they go to their jobs that their hard work is supporting their family. They want to know that if they do everything right – if they take a job and work full-time – they will not be in poverty. This week marks the anniversary of the campaign for a Living Wage – a cross-party movement of independent businesses, organisations, and people who believe in making work pay.I had the pleasure of speaking at the Living Wage Foundation’s parliamentary reception last week, which celebrated the extraordinary work that has been done so far and the impact it has made after many years of campaigning. Opinioncenter_img Philippa Stroud Employers have no clear idea of what the real market wage is for employees who are also in receipt of tax credits, because their wages have been subsidised by the government for so long.The only way to fix this problem for good is for employers to be reconnected with the employees who work for them – not in some sort of gimmicky way, but by employers asking the very real question: can my staff live on the wage I am paying them?There is a solid business case for employers taking this seriously. Research has shown that companies that have moved their lowest paid onto a living wage salary reduce staff turnover and absenteeism and achieve greater productivity.However, this is also about businesses simply doing the right thing, investing in their people, and ensuring that nobody who goes out and works full-time lives in poverty.With Living Wage Week this week, I would urge all companies to restore that very natural human connection between employers and employees. Take a hard look at whether you could step up to make a real contribution to tackling poverty in the UK. Tags: Pensions Tax whatsapp This Living Wage Week, step up to make sure work always pays last_img read more

After destructive fire, Bethel alcohol treatment center under construction again

first_imgAlcohol & Substance Abuse | Community | Health | WesternAfter destructive fire, Bethel alcohol treatment center under construction againJuly 22, 2015 by Ben Matheson, KYUK Share:Kris Manke walks through the new Phillips Ayagnirvik Treatment Center. (Photo by Ben Matheson, KYUK)The skeleton of the new Phillips Ayagnirvik Treatment Center, PATC, is coming up quickly and aims to be closed in for a winter of work. Kris Manke is Director of Construction for the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, which is leading up the project. He says about 15 crew members are working now, including close to 70 percent local Alaska Native hires.“We do all of our own electrical, mechanical, framing, siding, we self-perform all of that,” said Manke.The $12 million, 16,000 square foot facility is under construction for a second time following a fire in October that destroyed it when it was 90 percent framed in. YKHC doesn’t want to take chances the second time. A chain link fence surrounds the site and a 24-hour security team stands watch. Big floodlights shine at the building at night. Manke says having to start from scratch is hard on his team.“It was hard for me because they all are my guys, but for the guys who were actually building it, we should ask them the question. It’s gotta be really hard, I mean guys were crying when they saw their work burning up that night,” said Manke.YKHC is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of those responsible for the fire that destroyed the alcohol treatment center. YKHC says it was a criminal act that started the blaze last October during construction.An investigation from the state Fire Marshal’s office said the cause of the fire was ‘undetermined’. Though investigators ruled out all possible mechanical and electrical causes, their summary does not explicitly rule out arson.The goal is to turn over the new facility in October 2016, but there’s a lot of work before that happens.“Our winter goal is to be dried in October, middle of October, that’s always our winter goal. We usually get really close, I think we’re going to do it this year, that’s the plan,” said Manke.This winter they will rough in the electric and mechanical systems. Drywall starts around first of the year, while the finishing work happens in springtime.Share this story:last_img read more

Coachella Cruise Ship vs. Culture Collide Airplane Flight

first_imgUncategorizedCoachella Cruise Ship vs. Culture Collide Airplane FlightBy Elina Shatkin – August 28, 2012304ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItCoachella has its cruise ship, and now Culture Collide has its own airplane flight. It’s all part of the recent trend of event promoters turning their semi-alternative music fests into travelling parties.S.S. CoachellaStocked with an extra supply of lifeboats and sparkly American Apparel hot pants, the S.S. Coachella (yes, that’s the real name) departs on its maiden voyage this December. The five-day trip to the Bahamas (there’s also a cruise to Jamaica) features on-board casino gambling, a salon that specializes in asymmetrical haircuts, and performances by Pulp, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Girl Talk, Sleigh Bells, and many others. Cost: $1,700-$3,200 to book a room. That’s not out of line for a non-indie rock cruise, but aside from Jarvis Cocker don’t expect to mingle with loads of common people. Target Audience: Coachella old-timers exhausted by Indio’s crushing heat and the throngs of younger, more attractive concertgoers. Also, trust fund hipsters.What To Bring: Headband, bathing suit, ironic mustache, booze in mouthwash bottles.Culture CollideBackstage passes sound positively déclassé compared to this three-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles. You’ll be heading to the Culture Collide festival, happening in L.A. on October 6-9, while listening to DJ sets from School of Seven Bells and of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes (no word on whether they’ll allow dancing in the aisles) and an acoustic set from Penguin Prison. Appropriately enough, the flight (on Virgin) is titled I’m With The Band.Cost: $139 (main cabin) – $2330 (first class)Target Audience: New Yorkers who secretly love Los Angeles, music writers who have convinced their corporate overlords this is a “business trip,” federal air marshalls.What To Bring: Neck pillow, eye pillow, iPad, headphones–so you can still act like you’re too cool to care about the music. TAGS2012August 2012L.A. CulturePrevious articleJames Van Der Beek, Co-Star of Our Fall Fashion Shoot, Responds to Mean TweetsNext articleOh My Snack: Savory Ramen Chocolate BarElina Shatkin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORFollow in Pee-wee Herman’s Footsteps Across L.A.What Defines a Successful Immigrant?The Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Redefining ‘American’last_img read more

Are You There Judy? It’s Me, Zeitgeist!

first_imgUncategorizedAre You There Judy? It’s Me, Zeitgeist!By Nancy Miller – August 17, 2012571ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItHer most famous books were published somewhere between the Nixon era and the Reagan administration, and yet the work of Judy Blume is an enduring cultural touchstone, particularly her most widely-read young adult novel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. That teenage tome was written so long ago, the main character describes the discomfort of wearing a sanitary belt. A what? Exactly. Nonetheless, the candid coming of age story has been the source material for countless homages, riffs, and parodies, from Chelsea Handler’s best selling memoir to a new musical, Are You There God? It’s Me, Karen Carpenter, which opens tonight at the Cavern Club Theater for a two-weekend run. The production merges the adolescent angst of Margaret with a more tragic figure of cultural fascination: Karen Carpenter, letting tunes by 1970s superduo the Carpenters lend some undoubtedly groovy gravitas. A Q&A with Dane Whitlock, the creator, writer, and director of the show, helps explain why over 40 years later, Blume is still fresh.LA MAG: When did you first read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? What were the circumstances—especially since you’re a guy?DANE WHITLOCK: I was in the fouth grade when I borrowed the book from my cousin? Classmate? Can’t remember. And by “borrowed” I mean “stole” because I was too embarrassed to ask for it. Boys were supposed to read other books like Where the Red Fern Grows and Sounder. Boys were not supposed to know about such things as sanitary belts and bust increasing exercises.LA MAG: What elements of the book are incorporated into Karen Carpenter story?DW: The plot is basically an abbreviated parody of the book by Judy Blume with songs of the Carpenters sprinkled in here and there to advance the plot. There’s something inherently hilarious about a fourth grader being so over her life that she just HAS TO launch into Rainy Days and Mondays. “Talking to myself and feeling old….”The plot revolves around Margaret Simon navigating the trials and tribulations of moving to a new town, crushing on the boy next door, joining a secret girl’s club, obsessing about bras and sanitary belts and — finally becoming a woman! All while singing the songs of the Carpenters.LA MAG: Have you met Judy Blume? Is she aware of this play?DW: I have not. And I don’t think she is. I would love for her to come though. It’s a parody, but it’s handled with a lot of love and respect for the original material.LA MAG: What is it about Judy Blume’s work that people—adults way past adolescence—still respond to? In other words, what is it that they’re getting out of your show?DW: Judy Blume’s characters resonate with so many of my generation. We grew up in the time frame that these books were written and as we grew older, so did her characters. You may have started out by reading Frecklejuice or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. But as you got a little older, you most likely moved on to reading Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret or Then Again, Maybe I Won’t (the boys’ coming of age novel). THEN as you entered into the middle and high school years, you probably picked up a copy of Deenie or Forever where the characters were masturbating and having sex. It was a kind of like a series of manuals designed to help you get by. She made you think that she was writing just for you — telling YOUR story — so that you didn’t have to feel like such a freak. What are they getting out of my show? A hell of a good time. Judy Blume + Carpenters = Amazingpants. TAGS2012August 2012L.A. CulturePrevious articleTop 5 Weekend Events: Bands, Booze, and BikingNext articleStop Asking Me: Comedy Troupe EditionNancy Miller RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORFollow in Pee-wee Herman’s Footsteps Across L.A.What Defines a Successful Immigrant?The Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Redefining ‘American’last_img read more

Pharmalittle: Oklahoma trims claims against J&J and Teva in opioid suit; House committee poised to vote on drug pricing bills

first_img Unlock this article by subscribing to STAT+ and enjoy your first 30 days free! GET STARTED Alex Hogan/STAT What is it? Pharmalittle: Oklahoma trims claims against J&J and Teva in opioid suit; House committee poised to vote on drug pricing bills Pharmalot Columnist, Senior Writer Ed covers the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmalot Daily reporting and analysis The most comprehensive industry coverage from a powerhouse team of reporters Subscriber-only newsletters Daily newsletters to brief you on the most important industry news of the day STAT+ Conversations Weekly opportunities to engage with our reporters and leading industry experts in live video conversations Exclusive industry events Premium access to subscriber-only networking events around the country The best reporters in the industry The most trusted and well-connected newsroom in the health care industry And much more Exclusive interviews with industry leaders, profiles, and premium tools, like our CRISPR Trackr. By Ed Silverman April 5, 2019 Reprints [email protected] STAT+ is STAT’s premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond.center_img And so, another working week will soon draw to a close. Not a moment too soon, yes? This is, you may recall, our treasured signal to daydream about weekend plans. Our agenda is quite modest. We hope to catch up on our reading, take a few naps, hang with our short people, and putter around the castle. And what about you? This is a fine time to enjoy the great outdoors. Perhaps you could begin the annual ritual called spring cleaning. Or make time for someone special. But please, be careful if you encounter any wind turbines. A reliable source says these are bad for your health. Well, whatever you do, have a grand time. But be safe. Enjoy, and see you soon. …Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter dropped all but one claim against Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Teva Pharmaceutical (TEVA) in a lawsuit alleging the drug makers helped fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic, Reuters writes. Hunter will still bring a public nuisance claim against the companies but is dropping five other claims, including that they violated the Oklahoma Medicaid False Claims Act. The move comes ahead of an upcoming May 28 trial, the first in the U.S. to result from roughly 2,000 lawsuits seeking to hold opioid makers responsible for contributing to the epidemic. GET STARTED About the Author Reprints Ed Silverman Log In | Learn More Tags Congressdrug pricingfinancelegalopioidspharmaceuticalsSTAT+states @Pharmalot What’s included?last_img read more

Collier County School’s honor all their teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week

first_imgAdvertisement That’s why Champions For Learning couldn’t choose just 6 teachers to highlight as golden apple recipients and one per school as a “Teacher of Distinction” this year. “This year, all educators are Golden Apple winners,” Mousa said.The non-profit teamed up with local sponsors to gift each school a bushel of apples, flowers, and a $2,000 grant for administrators to use however they’d like. At Poinciana Elementary School, Principal Jessica Davis said her staff decided to put a twist on their mantra this school year. “….Our Flame of Knowledge Burns Bright and then during Teacher Appreciation Week it is Our Flame of Knowledge Burns Bright Because of You. You being the teachers,” Davis said.Just like every other day the school decided to put the kids first and use the grant to rent air hockey tables, bring in a food truck, and gift students lunch bags. AdvertisementTags: Collier County Public SchoolsCovid-19Golden Apple RELATEDTOPICS AdvertisementInside the 58 public schools across Collier County, it’s been no different. Some teachers thrust themselves into a new world of virtual learning while others worked to maintain a COVID-safe classroom environment.Kelsey Ruemler, Media Specialist at Gulfview Middle School said, “I wake up every single morning thinking what I can do to help these students be successful.” Collier County Public Schools opens summer meal pick-up sites June 16, 2021 AdvertisementDC Young Fly knocks out heckler (video) – Rolling OutRead more6 comments’Mortal Kombat’ Exceeded Expectations Says WarnerMedia ExecutiveRead more2 commentsDo You Remember Bob’s Big Boy?Read more1 commentsKISS Front Man Paul Stanley Reveals This Is The End Of KISS As A Touring Band, For RealRead more1 comments Collier County schools will not require students to be vaccinated for COVID- 19 June 14, 2021 Mobile pediatric clinic provides COVID vaccines for children 12+ June 15, 2021 AdvertisementRecommended ArticlesBrie Larson Reportedly Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Face Of The MCURead more81 commentsGal Gadot Reportedly Being Recast As Wonder Woman For The FlashRead more29 comments COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.– Each year, a select number of teachers that go above and beyond are presented a Golden Apple Award. This year, the non-profit organization, Champions For Learning, decided all teachers in the Collier County School District deserve something special during National Teacher Appreciation Week. For teachers across the country, it’s been a difficult 14 months. Bruce Mousa, Incoming Chair for Champions For Learning said, “We consider the educators the superheroes and just because they’re dealing with a precious commodity.” COVID-19 restrictions likely kept kids out of swim class, putting them at risk June 9, 2021 Advertisementlast_img read more

WATCH: Community comes together to give Laois girl the perfect 21st birthday

first_img Bizarre situation as Ben Brennan breaks up Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael arrangement to take Graiguecullen-Portarlington vice-chair role Electric Picnic Facebook Pinterest Electric Picnic Previous articleMy Life in Politics: Aisling Moran on canvassing, helping people and why the HSE has to be reformedNext articleGardai seize thousands of euro in drugs and make arrests following searches in Laois and Offaly Alan HartnettStradbally native Alan Hartnett is a graduate of Knockbeg College who has worked in the local and national media since 2008. Alan has a BA in Economics, Politics and Law and an MA in Journalism from DCU. His happiest moment was when Jody Dillon scored THAT goal in the Laois senior football final in 2016. Pinterest WhatsApp SEE ALSO – 12 more Coronavirus deaths as leading education official casts doubts on September school reopening Home News Community WATCH: Community comes together to give Laois girl the perfect 21st birthday NewsCommunity Facebook Laois Councillor ‘amazed’ at Electric Picnic decision to apply for later date for 2021 festival center_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter WATCH: Community comes together to give Laois girl the perfect 21st birthday This will most certainly brighten up your Monday!Last week, we learned how a very special Mountrath girl’s 21st birthday celebrations had been ruined by the Coronavirus.Hope, who has Down Syndrome, was supposed to go to Disneyland for her birthday on Sunday but when that couldn’t happen – her family put out a plea to bring Disneyland to her.Her foster mam Margaret Gorman-Donovan asked for people who could, to drive past their house to give Hope a ‘drive-by birthday’.And the community came in their droves. We had Snow White, Cruella de Vil and her dalmatians, Mickey Mouse, Big Bird and of course, Elsa from Frozen.Everyone who was present was practising social distancing and those who were together all came from the one household.Hope’s cousin Sarah Jane Allen told LaoisToday how it really was something that neither Hope nor her family will ever forget.Sarah Jane said: “We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who participated.“It was fantastic to see Hope’s little face light up with everyone driving by wishing her a Happy Birthday.“Hope was so overwhelmed by all the love she has received and her heart is most definitely filled with joy.“She couldn’t go to Disneyland and see the magic, so we brought the magic to her.“She is one happy princess now.”Check out a brilliant video from the day below and also some excellent pictures courtesy of the Mountrath Camera Club: News TAGS21st birthdayDisneylandFrozenHope WhatsApp Twitter By Alan Hartnett – 11th May 2020 Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival datelast_img read more

Weak Response to North Korean Attack Criticized

first_img AvatarKwon Eun Kyoung Facebook Twitter There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest By Kwon Eun Kyoung – 2010.11.24 4:16pm News News Weak Response to North Korean Attack Criticized RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img SHARE Entire border patrol unit in North Hamgyong Province placed into quarantine following “paratyphoid” outbreak News The South Korean administration came in for some heavy criticism for its handling of the Yeonpyeong Island attack in a National Assembly meeting this morning. In the meeting of the legislature’s National Defense Committee, Kim Jang Su, a former Minister of National Defense and sitting Grand National Party lawmaker told Minister of National Defense Kim Tae Young, “I am so regretful, for there should have been an intense counter-attack by fighters on the North’s coastal batteries.” He additionally demanded that Kim “make a firm decision next time, as the Minister of National Defense.” Lawmakers also sharply criticized the President’s initial response, “Avoid escalating the battle any further.” Grand National Party lawmaker Yoo Seong Min pointed out, “Even though two fighters were standing by and battle regulations say confront the enemy with a counter-attack of two or three times the original attack, the commander-in-chief of our country’s armed forces feared escalation.” Lee Hoi Chang, the leader of the Liberty Forward Party also noted, “These words are words benefiting the enemy at a time when we have to dominate the attacker. We have to figure out the exact reason why this comment was released to the press and he has to take responsibility for it.” However, defending the administration’s actions and President Lee’s words, Kim replied, “It is the most appropriate measure when such provocations occur.” In the same hearing, Song Young Sun, a member of the National Defense Committee and an expert on military and security issues, suggested that North Korea may have tested bunker busting bombs on Yeonpyeong Island, asserting, “Monitoring footage of bombs over Yeonpyeong Island, I am 100% convinced that they were bunker busters.” She said the double explosions which are a feature of such bombs were visible in video of the attack. However, Kim neither confirmed nor denied the claim. News North Korea tries to accelerate building of walls and fences along border with Chinalast_img read more

CWB announces executive appointments

first_img TD getting new head of private wealth, financial planning CETFA elects new board leader R. Matthew Rudd has been tapped to succeed Graham as CWB’s executive vice-president and chief financial officer. He’ll oversee CWB’s financial and capital supply management, as well as treasury, strategy, corporate development, investor relations and sustainability.Rudd, who joined CWB in 2018, previously served as CWB’s senior vice president, finance and investor relations, and chief accountant.“I look forward to Carolyn and Matt’s contributions in their new roles as we continue to execute on CWB’s strategic direction,” Chris Fowler, president and CEO of CWB, said in a statement. Related news Share this article and your comments with peers on social media IE Staff PenderFund names new SVP for investments stage curtain dvarg/123RF Keywords Appointments,  Banking industry Carolyn Graham has been appointed executive vice-president and chief risk officer of Edmonton-based CWB Financial Group.Graham, who joined CWB 20 years ago, most recently served as the firm’s executive vice-president and chief financial officer. In her new role, she’ll oversee CWB’s enterprise-wide risk management strategies. Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

NWC Calls for Public Support to Stem Water Theft

first_imgRelatedNWC Calls for Public Support to Stem Water Theft RelatedNWC Calls for Public Support to Stem Water Theft NWC Calls for Public Support to Stem Water Theft UncategorizedOctober 26, 2006 Advertisementscenter_img RelatedNWC Calls for Public Support to Stem Water Theft FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail With the National Water Commission (NWC) feeling the brunt of the many illegal connections to its water network, adding to escalating operational costs, Communications Manager at the NWC, Charles Buchanan, has condemned water thieves.Mr. Buchanan told JIS News that these illegal practices were affecting the NWC in several ways, and implored the public to assist the Commission in stemming the problem.Firstly, he pointed out that illegal connections denied the NWC of revenue that could greatly assist improved service to legitimate customers.In the second instance, Mr. Buchanan said the action was, “a serious drag on the Commission, in that it compromises the NWC’s infrastructure, reduces the pressure in our pipelines [and] increases the amount of water that is lost, because when people illegally connect and the water leaks away, they are not concerned about that, because they are not paying for it”.Mr. Buchanan told JIS News that when breaches were made into water pipes, it compromised the quality of drinking water as the breaks were potential entry points for bacteria and other micro-organisms.Assuring legal customers that this would not necessarily affect the safety of their drinking water, Mr. Buchanan said, “we have what is called residual chlorine, which is required to be in the pipe, so that is the safeguard”.“We are fairly confident from all the tests we do at the customer point. One of the criteria our water quality is judged by, is the level of residual chlorine which is found at the point of customer use,” he pointed out.The Communications Manager said he was appealing to social conscience and urged legal customers to assist the water company in identifying illegal connections, as they were at a disadvantage. He said customers could call the NWC’s hotline at 1-888-225-5692 to report theft.Mr. Buchanan further decried community members who protected persons who were stealing water.“Unfortunately, in some communities we have to go in there with the police and private security personnel, because of the threat to the Commission’s employees when we do the right thing and go after illegal connections,” he said.last_img read more