Conservative MP slammed for ‘dangerous’ comments comparing marriage to ‘the regulation of baby-making’

first_img Also Read: Conservative MP slammed for ‘dangerous’ comments comparing marriage to ‘the regulation of baby-making’ “Indeed, for many separating couples, these reforms will remove the need for apportioning blame, thus minimising conflict and, crucially, reducing any negative impact of separation on any children,” she said. “It is not, or was not, a mere confirmation of romantic attachment,” he added. “No successful society in history has practised an unregulated sexual free-for-all.” The bill, hailed as the biggest shake-up of divorce laws for more than 50 years, will abolish rules requiring one spouse to make accusations about the other’s conduct in order to be granted a divorce. Also Read: Conservative MP slammed for ‘dangerous’ comments comparing marriage to ‘the regulation of baby-making’ A Conservative MP has been criticised for “dangerous” comments comparing marriage to the “regulation of baby-making” and claiming that discussions around marriage are “infected with or scared of” second-wave feminism. Share Jess Phillips, shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding, slammed the comments as “dangerous” and “a tour de force of offensive nonsense”. The NSCU “exists to share an old-new set of ideas in British politics”, according to the company’s website, and claims that “the primary purpose of public policy should be to strengthen families, communities, and the nation”.  Juliet Harvey, National chair of Resolution — the legal organisation that campaigned for the divorce bill — said the group took issue with Kruger’s suggestion that divorce law reforms undermined marriage. In his proposals for marriage reforms, Kruger claimed that “marriage represents the regulation of baby-making” and serves as “a means of tying men into family life, for their own good and that of women and children”. Couples will instead be allowed to apply for a divorce by making a statement of irretrievable breakdown, ending the so-called “blame game” between married partners. “This very obviously degenerates into a bonanza for selfish, laddish men, who exploit the license to take the pleasures of sex without the responsibilities. In every successful society, the explicit deal is that sex comes with commitment,” he continued in the post. “That is not just offensive, it is dangerous to suggest as much,” Phillips added. “He might have noticed that a marriage certificate is alas not a cast iron guarantee of happy families.” Kruger was one of 12 rebel MPs who voted against the bill in the Commons last year, claiming the new law amounted to “effective abolition of the marriage vow”.  The MP for Devizes is a staunch opponent of the “no-fault” divorce bill due to come into force later this year.  whatsapp Danny Kruger, MP for Devizes in Wiltshire, made the comments in a blog post on the website of The New Social Covenant Unit (NSCU), a new campaigning organisation he co-founded with fellow Tory MP Miriam Cates earlier this year.  Kruger, who was elected as a Conservative MP in 2019, is a former government adviser on civil society policy as well as the son of TV star Prue Leith. He was commissioned by the Prime Minister to produce a report into levelling up British communities last September, in which he first outlined his proposals for “a new social covenant”. by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeDaily Funny40 Brilliant Life Hacks Nobody Told You AboutDaily FunnyZen HeraldShe Inspired Three Of The Most Popular Songs EverZen HeraldBrake For It40 New Features In The 2021 Ford BroncoBrake For ItLivestlyPlugs Have These Two Holes At The End, Here’s WhyLivestlyFactableAluminum Foil Uses You’ll Want to KnowFactableMoneyWise.comThe Worst College In Every US State, RankedMoneyWise.comPast Factory”Waltons” Actress Says Magazine Ended Her CareerPast FactoryBlood Pressure Solution4 Worst Blood Pressure MedsBlood Pressure SolutionThe Legacy ReportMan Who Predicted 2020 Crash 45 Days Early Issues Next Major WarningThe Legacy Report Kruger added that one of the reasons “for our cultural silence” around marriage “is that the public discourse is infected with, or scared of, the second-wave feminist belief that traditional family forms are oppressive towards women.” “It is offensive to men treating them as if they are base creatures who must be controlled — they are not,” she told City A.M. “It is offensive to women and suggests that sex is something a woman gives in exchange for responsibilities and reward… as if women have no agency over their own sexuality.” Show Comments ▼ Poppy Wood Conservative MP slammed for ‘dangerous’ comments comparing marriage to ‘the regulation of baby-making’ whatsapp Tuesday 23 March 2021 12:51 pm “It is also important to recognise that there are many different types of families in the UK, with cohabiting couples continuing to be the fastest growing group. More people are living together before — or instead of — getting married.”last_img read more

Man on most wanted list for child pornography arrested in Fairbanks

first_imgCrime & Courts | InteriorMan on most wanted list for child pornography arrested in FairbanksDecember 9, 2016 by Dan Bross, KUAC-Fairbanks Share:Kevin Trask. (Photo courtesy U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)A man wanted on child pornography charges in California has been arrested in Fairbanks. Fairbanks International Airport Police report that 40-year-old Kevin Trask provided officers fake identification during a routine traffic stop on Tuesday, and investigation revealed his true identity.Trask is on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s most wanted list. Airport spokeswoman Sammy Loud said airport police are working with the FBI on the case. They have not released why Trask was in Fairbanks.The most wanted description lists his occupations as paramedic and military, and his last known location as San Diego, California. Trask has been a fugitive since being indicted in 2012 in federal court in San Francisco, on charges of distributing images and video of child pornography.Share this story:last_img read more

Central Peninsula Hospital adds detox to treatment services

first_imgAlcohol & Substance Abuse | Health | SouthcentralCentral Peninsula Hospital adds detox to treatment servicesSeptember 6, 2017 by Aaron Bolton, KBBI-Homer Share:Detox beds are not a dime a dozen in Alaska.Care Transitions detox facility. (Photo courtesy Central Peninsula Hospital)With just 30 beds statewide dedicated to those looking to get clean from opioids and other drug addictions, emergency rooms are taking the brunt of a growing opioid crisis, but the Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna is responding to the problem with a new six-bed detox facility.Finding a safe place to detox from opioid addiction on the Kenai Peninsula and elsewhere in the state can be a huge barrier for those looking to start treatment. For many people, detoxing at home just isn’t an option. They may live with others who use or their withdrawals can be medically dangerous.Those looking for a detox facility have to make your way to Anchorage or Fairbanks and most are placed on lengthy waitlists.That leaves some with one option, the emergency room, but that can be incredibly inefficient.“We looked at a quarter of records. If you multiply that out to be a whole year, it’s actually about $10 million worth of care that went into this population of folks that weren’t really getting better from it,” Dr. Kristie Sellers explained, referring to costly opioid-related emergency visits.Sellers, a psychologist, is the director of behavioral health at Central Peninsula Hospital. In order to see how ineffective providing detox and other treatment services via the emergency room was, Sellers and her staff had to measure the problem.They sifted through one year of medical records, pulling any opioid-related visits. She says fewer than 1 percent of those patients entered a long-term treatment program after leaving the emergency room, making a return visit more likely.The hospital is trying to cut down on those costly visits by opening Care Transitions. It received a $1 million grant back in February to open the six-bed detox facility and it has already served about 20 patients since early August.“It was a very complex process, figuring out who could staff the building and how to get them there and who could do this assessment and who could do that,” Sellers said, explaining the process of hiring a whole new medical team for the facility. ”We’re hoping to not get a waiting-list situation. We’re really hoping to prioritize Kenai Peninsula residents, but we would definitely help anybody that needs help.”While the detox facility is a step towards filling a large gap in treatment services on the peninsula, the hospital isn’t stopping there.Sellers says its existing treatment services are also grappling with a shifting landscape. The hospital’s residential facility, Serenity House, has seen the number of injection drug users jump significantly.“We actually saw in a 10-year period of time that people that we admit to Serenity House go from 3 percent admissions that were injection drug users all the way to almost 70 (percent), like 68 percent injection drug users,” Sellers said.Those users have also become younger. Most are in their 20s, and this new wave of chronic abusers also come with a whole new set of problems.They can take longer to detox, they may have additional medical problems from prolonged use, and most lack any job skills.Central Peninsula Hospital plans to open a new in-patient facility right next to Care Transitions. The program, aimed at building life skills, will have its patients work at both facilities cooking meals, cleaning and doing other daily jobs.Sellers hopes that with both facilities working hand in hand, at least 15 percent of those leaving detox will enter the new in-patient program, Serenity House or participate in other treatment services around the state.“So, that’s something we’ll track on this program. Are we more successful at getting people connected to a treatment program, and I think we’ve probably gotten more referrals in the first month that we’ve been open than the entire year we looked at,” Sellers explained.The hospital is also planning to give its providers a treatment guide to make sure physicians are referring patients to available resources.Care Transitions hasn’t had a full load of patients just yet, but Sellers has no doubt beds will fill up once things get rolling. She adds the facility also has its eyes towards the future with the capacity to add four additional beds.Share this story:last_img read more

General Election 2015: Labour-SNP deal could produce “constitutional crisis,” warns Blackrock

first_imgThe world’s largest fund manager Blackrock has warned that a Labour-SNP deal after the General Election could lead to Britain resembling a “pre-crisis Spain.”A partnership between the SNP and Labour would “raise the spectre of a dis-United Kingdom” reminiscent of when Spain’s government was beholden to Basque and Catalan separatists and result in a “constitutional crisis”. Blackrock also expects voters in the rest of the UK to strongly oppose any arrangement where SNP MPs can vote on issues that do not affect their constituents but other MPs have no such power in Scotland.The report, titled Ruling Britannia: UK Election Preview, said:Imagine a world where the SNP (and other regional parties) obtain more power over spending and borrowing in return for support on key votes. This could turn the UK  into a sort of pre-crisis Spain, with mounting piles of regional debt to fund local spending. When fiscal stress hits, markets would look to the sovereign to bail out regional borrowers.The SNP is expected to make massive gains at Labour’s expense and could well end up being the third largest party in the House of Commons. The party would be unlikely to enter a full-blown coalition with Labour if Ed Miliband falls short of a parliamentary majority. Leader Nicola Sturgeon has said the abolition of Trident and the total ending off austerity are red lines for her party – both of which Labour would be unable to support – although she could extract concessions from Labour for more autonomy in exchange for votes on the Queen’s speech and specific policies.The General Election isn’t the only political contest Blackrock has its eye on. In 2016, Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and Sturgeon will go head to head in the Scottish Assembly elections. If the SNP is successful, Blackrock says this would bring the prospect of a second referendum on independence even closer.But the SNP could handicapped by the dramatic fall in the oil price which has blown apart their post-independence economic plans, the management group added.  whatsapp by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailzenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekGameday NewsNASCAR Drivers Salaries Finally ReleasedGameday NewsFinancial 10See The Wife Of The World’s Richest BillionairesFinancial 10ComedyAbandoned Submarines Floating Around the WorldComedyForbesThese 10 Colleges Have Produced The Most Billionaire AlumniForbesEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorNoteableyKirstie Alley Is So Skinny Now And Looks Like A BarbieNoteabley whatsapp Show Comments ▼ General Election 2015: Labour-SNP deal could produce “constitutional crisis,” warns Blackrock Wednesday 1 April 2015 6:30 am Jeff Misenti Share Tags: General Election 2015last_img read more

One Medical eyes the full lifespan with acquisition of Medicare-focused Iora Health

first_imgOne Medical announced its plan on Monday to acquire Iora Health, expanding its primary care services for the Medicare population. The all-stock transaction, valued at $2.1 billion, would bring together two longtime players in the virtual care space and add to One Medical’s already-growing physical footprint by taking on Iora’s 47 in-person medical offices, now serving about 38,000 Medicare patients.“Today it seems obvious and almost fashionable to say that technology-powered primary care is the key to improving our health care system,” said Rushika Fernandopulle, CEO of Iora Health, in a call with investors Monday. “But almost 20 years ago small predecessor practices that became One Medical and Iora Health simply decided to start over, to build our own technology, membership models, salaried provider practices, and to emphasize relationships and not transactions.” Unlock this article — and get additional analysis of the technologies disrupting health care — by subscribing to STAT+. First 30 days free. GET STARTED What is it? STAT+ is STAT’s premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond. Log In | Learn More center_img What’s included? Daily reporting and analysis The most comprehensive industry coverage from a powerhouse team of reporters Subscriber-only newsletters Daily newsletters to brief you on the most important industry news of the day STAT+ Conversations Weekly opportunities to engage with our reporters and leading industry experts in live video conversations Exclusive industry events Premium access to subscriber-only networking events around the country The best reporters in the industry The most trusted and well-connected newsroom in the health care industry And much more Exclusive interviews with industry leaders, profiles, and premium tools, like our CRISPR Trackr. GET STARTEDlast_img read more

Colorado shooting suspect made first court appearance Thursday morning

Two small planes collide mid-air and both landed safely May 14, 2021 BOULDER, Co. / CNN — The man accused of gunning down 10 people at a Colorado grocery store this week is expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday, officials said.Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, heard the charges against him in a Boulder court at 10:15 a.m. EST, the county district attorney’s office said. He is accused of opening fire inside a King Soopers store and killing 10 people — including a police officer. Alissa was arrested after he surrendered in the store. He had a gunshot wound to the leg after exchanging gunfire with police.He faces 10 charges of murder in the first degree and one charge of attempted murder, according to a Boulder County arrest warrant. AdvertisementRecommended ArticlesBrie Larson Reportedly Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Face Of The MCURead more81 commentsGal Gadot Reportedly Being Recast As Wonder Woman For The FlashRead more29 comments AdvertisementDC Young Fly knocks out heckler (video) – Rolling OutRead more6 comments’Mortal Kombat’ Exceeded Expectations Says WarnerMedia ExecutiveRead more2 commentsDo You Remember Bob’s Big Boy?Read more1 commentsKISS Front Man Paul Stanley Reveals This Is The End Of KISS As A Touring Band, For RealRead more1 comments AdvertisementTags: BoulderColoradoColorado shooting Grocery store where Colorado mass shooting happened will re-open May 14, 2021 MLB to move All-Star game to Denver’s Coors Field April 7, 2021 Advertisement Flags to be flown at half-staff for victims of Colorado mass shooting March 25, 2021 Advertisement RELATEDTOPICS AdvertisementAuthorities are still working to determine a motive in the shooting and why it happened in that particular location, a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation said on the condition of anonymity. Investigators suspect the attack was planned, given that authorities say the suspect recently purchased a gun believed to have been used in the shooting, the official said. Investigators are also examining possible mental health questions, according to the official.The-CNN-Wire™ & © 2021 Cable News Network, Inc., a WarnerMedia Company. All rights reserved. read more

TSX closes higher on manufacturing, employment data

TSX gets lift from financials, U.S. markets rise to highest since March The Toronto stock market closed higher on the first day of February trading as positive manufacturing data from China and the United States encouraged investors to pick up stocks across most sectors. The S&P/TSX composite index gained 65.51 points to 12,517.66 while the TSX Venture Exchange climbed 5.56 points to 1,637.31. The Canadian dollar closed above parity with the greenback for the first time since late October, 2011. The loonie was up 0.37 of a cent to 100.09 cents US. U.S. markets were also higher with traders encouraged by employment data issued two days before the release of the U.S. government’s non-farm payrolls report for January. Payroll firm ADP said the American private sector created 170,000 jobs last month. Economists were looking for the U.S. economy to have created a total of 150,000 jobs in January. The Dow industrials rose 83.55 points to 12,716.46, the Nasdaq was up 34.43 points to 2,848.27 and the S&P 500 index was ahead 11.67 points at 1,324.08. The Institute for Supply Management said that its U.S. manufacturing index for January came in at 54.1, slightly short of economist expectations for a 54.5 reading. “We have reasons to be optimistic with the recent signs of improving economic strength, including the global (purchasing managers index) numbers,” said Tim Caulfield, vice-president and director of equity research at Bissett Investment Management in Calgary. “The U.S. PMI was a slight miss but still a pretty strong level and clearly indicating expansion in the manufacturing sector and we’ve seen some improvements in labour markets in the U.S.” In China, two surveys gave mixed signals on manufacturing activity in January but both showed it largely unchanged. The state-affiliated China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said its purchasing managers index rose 0.2 points to 50.5 from December’s 50.3 on a 100-point scale on which numbers above 50 indicate growth. HSBC Corp. said its HSBC China Manufacturing PMI was little changed at 48.8 from December’s 48.7, suggesting a “moderate deterioration.” “Both indicators suggest China’s economy is coming in for a soft landing, taking a step further toward dispelling hard-landing concerns,” said BMO Capital Markets senior economist Benjamin Reitzes. The Chinese government moved to slow the economy in 2011 to deal with high inflation, partly through tightening lending requirements at banks. Beijing has also announced stimulus for the struggling private business sector in the form of tax breaks and a US$2.5-billion fund to finance new small businesses. China has been a main pillar of support for a global economy still struggling to recover from the financial crisis and subsequent recession of 2008. Its strong economic growth has been a big plus for oil and metal prices and commodity stocks on the resource-heavy TSX. Other data showed that Europe’s manufacturing sector is performing better than forecast. The financial sector was up one per cent. Royal Bank (TSX:RY) gained 91 cents to $53.28 and Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) improved by 51 cents to $58.80. The tech sector was ahead 1.88% with shares in information technology service provider CGI Group up 61 cents to $20.86 even as the company posted lower profits and softer revenue. However, contract bookings were higher in the quarter. The base metals sector climbed 1.39% while the March contract for copper rose five cents to US$3.84 a pound following the manufacturing data. China is the largest consumer of copper, which is viewed as an economic bellwether because it is used in so many businesses. HudBay Minerals (TSX:HBM) gained 29 cents to C$12 and Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN) improved by 46 cents to $16.63. Railway stocks rose alongside mining stocks with Canadian National Railways (TSX:CNR) ahead $1.09 to $76.72. The energy sector was up a slight 0.06% as the March crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 87 cents to US$97.61 a barrel. Oil prices shed early gains after the latest U.S. inventory figures showed a higher than expected increase in crude supplies. The Energy Information Administration reported inventories rose by 4.2 million barrels in the week ended Jan. 27, against expectations of a rise of three million barrels. Cenovus Energy (TSX:CVE) climbed 70 cents to C$37.29. Suncor Energy Inc. (TSX:SU) reported quarterly earnings of $1.43 billion or 91 cents a share amid higher oil prices. Revenues for the quarter were $10.1 billion versus $9.3 billion a year earlier. Suncor also said crude is starting to flow out of its Libyan operations following a bloody civil war in the North African country. Its shares were off three cents to $34.51. Traders also took in a major acquisition in the sector. AltaGas Ltd. of Calgary (TSX:ALA) is buying natural gas businesses in Alaska in a deal worth more than US$1.1 billion. The Calgary gas processor and pipeline operator says it will buy gas distribution company Continental Energy Systems and part ownership of a gas storage terminal being built in Alaska. AltaGas shares added 10 cents to $30.38. The gold sector was a drag even though bullion prices advanced, with the April gold contract in New York up $9.10 to US$1,749.50 an ounce. Barrick Gold Corp. (TSX:ABX) faded 17 cents to C$49.29. Consumer staples were also lower as grocer Metro Inc. (TSX:MRU.A) fell $1.50 to $53.24. In other corporate developments, Amazon’s stock fell after the online retailer announced a sharply lower fourth-quarter profit, revenue that missed analysts estimates and a disappointing forecast for the current period. Its shares tumbled $14.98 to US$179.46. Yellow Media (TSX:YLO) said it will keep its Canpages online phone directory business but streamline its print operations and cut jobs as it refocuses on Internet services. Its shares fell 1.5 cents to 18 cents. S&P/TSX composite hits highest close since March on strength of financials sector Malcolm Morrison Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Keywords Marketwatch Related news Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Toronto stock market dips on weakness in the energy and financials sectors read more

TSX gains 200 points

first_img Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Related news TSX gets lift from financials, U.S. markets rise to highest since March Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Toronto stock market dips on weakness in the energy and financials sectors S&P/TSX composite hits highest close since March on strength of financials sectorcenter_img North American stock markets rose sharply Wednesday, driven largely by optimism from a speech by U.S. President Donald Trump in which he reaffirmed plans in front of Congress to spur economic growth and cut taxes. In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index climbed 200.44 points, or 1.3%, at 15,599.68 — lifted higher by gains in the metals, materials and industrials sectors. It’s the largest one-day advance registered by the commodity-heavy TSX in nearly 10 months. Keywords Marketwatch Linda Nguyen Steve Belisle, managing director at Manulife Asset Management, said the strength in these particular sectors has been helped by new data indicating signs of economic growth in both the U.S. and China. “What the surveys are showing is that industrial production should accelerate materially from here and that is good for all commodities and industrial companies,” he said from Montreal. The Institute for Supply Management reported Wednesday that U.S. factories grew last month at the fastest pace in more than two years. Its manufacturing index came in at 56.0 in January, up from 54.5 in December and the highest since November 2014’s 57.6. Anything above 50 signals growth. U.S. manufacturing has now grown for five straight months and for 10 of the last 11 months. On Tuesday, two surveys also showed that China’s factory activity picked up pace last month, adding to recent evidence that a key sector of the world’s No. 2 economy is stabilizing. Meanwhile, south of the border, all three major Wall Street indices finished at new record highs. The Dow Jones industrial average surpassed the 21,000 mark for the first time ever, finishing up 303.31 points at 21,115.55. The last time the blue-chip index climbed more than 300 points in one session was on Nov. 7, a day before the U.S. election. The S&P 500 advanced 32.32 points at 2,395.96 and the Nasdaq composite gained 78.59 points at 5,904.03. The rally comes as investors found solace for the markets’ recent gains in the past few months following Trump’s speech Tuesday night before U.S. Congress. In his first address before the assembly, the president repeated his pledges to reform taxes, slash red tape and ramp up spending on defence and infrastructure projects. The promises have helped send U.S. stock benchmarks to records, but Trump offered little by way of detail. Still, Belisle said it was enough to calm investors. “(Trump) sounded presidential and reassuring. I think it was more the tone overall. It’s the same things he’s been talking about since his victory speech essentially but the details are still missing,” he said. “There is what he wants to do and what he can actually do, what Congress will allow him to do in the end. Everything he says needs to be taken with a large grain of salt.” In currencies, the Canadian dollar weakened against a strengthening greenback, losing 0.31 of a U.S. cent at 74.99¢ US. The Bank of Canada held its benchmark interest rate steady at 0.05% Wednesday, the same level where it’s been since July 2015. But the central bank warned that it’s keeping a watchful eye on “significant uncertainties” weighing on the outlook for the economy including the direction of U.S. economic policy under Trump. Commodities were mixed as the April crude contract lost US18¢ at US$53.83 per barrel and April natural gas was up US3¢ at US$2.80 per mmBTU. April gold was down US$3.90 at US$1,250 an ounce and May copper gained US2¢ at US$2.74 a pound. With files from The Associated Presslast_img read more

CI introduces Signature Floating Rate Income Pool

first_img Keywords Fund launchesCompanies CI Investments Inc. Related news “When interest rates are rising, investors are concerned about preserving capital and balancing risk within their fixed-income portfolios,” says Geof Marshall, senior vice president, Signature Global Asset Management, and portfolio manager of the new pool, in a statement. “Signature Floating Rate Income Pool is designed to diversify fixed-income portfolios and provide protection against increases in interest rates.” Signature Global Asset Management, a division of CI Investments, manages more than $53 billion in assets, including a diverse lineup of income mandates. Signature Floating Rate Income Pool will benefit from Signature’s expertise in managing high-yield, investment-grade and government bonds, preferred shares and other income securities. Within the floating-rate space, Signature currently manages more than $800 million in senior secured loans and more than $1 billion of floating-rate preferred shares. On a separate note, CI also announced that the risk ratings of both Harbour Global Growth & Income Corporate Class and Marret Strategic Yield Fund have been changed to “medium” from “low to medium.” These changes will be effective on or about July 27. The changes are based on the new methodology mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators to determine the risk level of mutual funds and are not a result of any changes to the investment objectives, strategies or management of the funds, CI states in a news release. CI also announced the Mackenzie Ivy investment team, a division of Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp., will be added to the group of subadvisors managing two of CI’s multi-manager funds, effective on or about July 17. Along with Cambridge Global Asset Management, (a division of CI), New York-based Epoch Investment Partners Inc. and Toronto-based Picton Mahoney Asset Management, the Mackenzie Ivy Team will manage a portion of the portfolios of CI Select U.S. Equity Managed Fund and CI Select U.S. Equity Managed Corporate Class. Fidelity Investments unveils new climate-focused fund suite BMO to launch six new mutual funds Wealthsimple launches Sharia-compliant ETFcenter_img Toronto-based CI Investments Inc. has launched Signature Floating Rate Income Pool, which may suit investors concerned about rising interest rates. The pool invests in a conservative, actively managed global portfolio of floating-rate bonds and leveraged loans as well as shorter-term high-yield and investment-grade bonds. These securities tend to be less sensitive to changes in interest rates compared with other fixed-income securities. The pool provides an income stream through a monthly distribution. Jade Hemeon Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Share this article and your comments with peers on social medialast_img read more

FMFD appoints new executive director

first_img TD getting new head of private wealth, financial planning The Toronto-based Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers (FMFD) has named former assistant executive director Matthew Latimer as its new executive director, the industry group announced Wednesday.Sandra Kegie has moved from her role as the group’s executive director and is now a policy advisor and treasurer of the FMFD board, the federation says in a news release. Also Wednesday, the FMFD announced its board of directors for 2019:John Adams, PFSL Investments Canada Ltd.;Karen Adams, FundServ;David Chapman, FundEX Investments Inc.Nelson Cheng, Sterling Mutuals Inc.;Aly Damji, Hub Financial and Hub Capital Inc.;Michael Kazmierowski, B2B Bank Dealer Services;Mark Kent, Portfolio Strategies Corp.;Susan Monk, Peak Financial Group; andSandra Kegie, Kegie Consulting Corp.Sonny Goldstein of Goldstein Financial Investments Inc. and Derek Altimas of PriceMetrix are leaving the FMFD board, the federation says. Keywords Appointments,  Mutual fund dealersCompanies Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers Business People Meeting Discussion in a boardroom concept rawpixel/123RF Facebook LinkedIn Twitter James Langton Share this article and your comments with peers on social media PenderFund names new SVP for investments Related news CI GAM names its first-ever head of investment managementlast_img read more